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    Was just wanting to follow up on some of these suggestions. Some have been put into play which I appreciate but I didn't know if the devs had given you any word on the rest, or any of them? Just kind of curious where some of these stand, especially interested to know about any Guild Battle changes.

    Thank you!


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      Hi Darkness2880,

      Unfortunately, I have not received word regarding any of the rest of these suggestions as of yet, though most have been stickied to my reports to the dev team for the better part of a year. Which of these suggestions gets implemented and when is up to the dev team and how they are able to fit it into the development schedule along with existing plans.

      However, Guild Battle is, for lack of better verbiage, a bit of a mess and I will follow up with our dev team regarding bug fixes and improvements to it.

      Thank you for your support!



      • Darkness2880
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        Thanks for the update and continued support of this Forum Zenith. You have definitely been a great communicator on here and it's very much appreciated!

      • ZenithAngler
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        Just wish I had more good news!

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      It's getting close to the 2 year anniversary of this post. Looks like about 3 or 4 of these have been implemented so far. Maybe get another 4 in the next two years?


      • baknuchel
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        Wishful thinking

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      2 very important things that need to be changed are 24 hours for prep and tee shot guides need to be eliminated from guild play


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        One and only suggestion, priority in my eyes and without which I will be forced to abandon this game definitively: The return of the French language in the options !!!


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          Hello @PalmAk,

          Thank you for your suggestion!

          I've forwarded this to the developers.

          If there are any other difficulties you've experienced after the French language services were no longer serviced, please let us know!