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  • Suggestions - Compiled Listing


    Is this more of what you are looking for as a compiled list?

    1. Shop Suggestions
    • Bring back 5 yard balls with 100% backspin to be sold in the Golf Shop. I don’t care which one but we need it back please.
    • Allow Bulk purchases of all Tees, Balls, Putting Guides, Perfect Shot Drinks, etc...(preferably at a discount). I.E. right now 100 tees cost 50 stars. Have a set of 500 for 225 stars and/or 1000 for 400 stars. Similar for the other items as well.
    • Bring in the 7 yard balls with 140% backspin into the shop for sale

    2. Goodwill Game Suggestions
    • Add option for POUCH ONLY to be selected
    • Add Random Course and Random Tee option
    • Add new formats, Foursome(there is currently a tab for a 2:2 Foursome but it won’t allow us to select it), Scramble, Best Ball. Maybe look into some other games I’m not thinking of.
    • I know there is a new tournament style game play coming out. I’m assuming it’s not replacing the Goodwill games. But I would like to have these suggestions cross over to that new format if able to as well please.

    3. Guild Battle Suggestions
    • Be able to select No Items or Pouch Only for your prep, which would also force anyone who challenges you to play that same way. (I really want this one badly!)
    • Allow Guild Leaders to OPT OUT players for guild battle. With only being able to battle at 35 max, it’s tough to organize opt outs because I have to babysit everyone I’ve messaged to make sure they have opted out. If I could just opt out those I needed to it would be so much better.
    • Change Prep times from 20 hours to 24 hours.
    • After someone is played in battle, the opponent's score and points should be revealed for all to see. Much easier to keep track of.
    • Show when an opponent is attacking one of our teams Preps. Similar to when we see one of ours playing vs the opponent(it says “battle in progress” instead of “Proceed with the Battle” tab.

    4. Gameplay suggestions
    • Somehow, there needs to be something done about the SW/AW/PW being low trajectory shots at higher driving distances. Maybe add a new skill or add a Lob Wedge or just simply increase their trajectory height.
    • When getting invites to a Goodwill match, show the course and tee on the invite banner pop-up
    • Get rid of the Miracle Putt +2 points. Just make it the regular long putt +1.
    • Raise Total Points in Match Challenge. As of now it’s capped at 2000, and there’s probably hundreds of players or more at that cap.

    5. Miscellaneous Suggestions
    • Create a Mileage Box X 10 spin
    • Increase Locker Room space to 100
    • In addition to the extra locker room space, please make ALL Combo Fodder Material of the same grade/type (I.E. Combination Material Club A) stackable. Just like they did with the new Power Up Supplements.

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    Hi Darkness2880,

    Thank you so much! I want to do everything I can to make sure that older issues do not get lost in the mix, and this is a big help! I will deliver all of this to our developers as soon as possible.

    Thank you for your support!



    • Darkness2880
      Darkness2880 commented
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      You're welcome Zenith. As I said I was bored at work lol. Any chance you could make this a sticky topic and maybe every so often you might be able to update us if anything is either accepted or denied? I understand any decisions on changes is a very very long process(took two years for a few of my suggestions back in the day) but it's nice to hear back every once in awhile any updates they might give.

      P.S. If some of these get implemented I do take star donations as a thanks! Haha just kidding!

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    Great compilation of recent suggestions Darkness2880 Thank you! atm I can't think of anything that is missing. If com2us could implement some of these suggestions, imo especially those in shop/goodwill/guildbattle, the game would make a hugh step forward ZenithAngler


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      I have 3 small additions:
      - Add more levels, now everyone is stuck at 110 (I don't know why we're capped at this number tbh)
      - Allow players to have more friends than 99 that we can currently have
      - Add a collect all bubble when congratulating friends (I wouldn't mind if you halved the gp when using this feature) on your list, it's a long task doing it 1 by 1 and that is if it even works, I usually just get bubbles and I have to restart the app.


      • Darkness2880
        Darkness2880 commented
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        1. Agree, more levels is a good thing
        2. If wouldn't do you any good b/c you don't have any friends
        3. Definitely need this.

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      Excellent job Darkness.


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        Nice list. I like it.
        how about changing this...

        after tou click on the GUILD icon from the home page, then click on the BATTLE icon, remove the STATUS and RANKING icons. There ia no need for them at this point.
        what we do need to see is LOCKER and BOARD instead.
        it sucks when you're choosing an opponent, and you need to equip/unequip tees and balls to suit certain courses, coz you have to go back thru a couple of screens to do so, only to go forward a couple of screens to get back to choosing your opponent.

        make sense??


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          I have a suggestion. How about lifting restrictions on the game?

          Why is career limited to certain courses & Ts? Why not have career goals for every course & T

          Instead of match challenge limited to only 3 holes why not be able to pick 3, 6 or 9 holes? Choose regular distance or distance limited or fair T or no items

          Instead of match tournament limited to 6 holes why not be able to pick 3, 6 or 9 holes choose regular distance or distance limited or fair T or no items

          Why not have multiple weekly tournaments that we can enter if we want
          Master pro no item, fair T, distance limited & regular?

          Bring back good will as it was but add even more choices to customize how we are playing

          See a pattern here? The more choices & options we have the more we can play the game. The more we can play the game the better the chances people will spend to be able to play the game..

          When you give people the freedom to do what they want to do, play the way they want to play, the better it is for everyone.


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            I would like that you change wc concept in the way that I can enter any of the designated matches, for that day, first 15 min of every hour, but you can enter only once every one of them. That way it would preserve the thing you can play just one time each of the matches, but give us a way to play more, cause right now I simply can't make time (especially during the night) to exactly enter wc when most of the matches are being held...
            also you should let us adjust winds on practice course cause the way it's now we can't ever catch up with top players who had years to practice with adjustable winds and also stop users from using double devices by not showing names before entering matches, you just show clock
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              Great job Darkness !! We all have to get a job where you work too LOL.


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                I'd like to be able to play a fairway bunker shot that goes further than 38 yds. Maybe add a skill. In real golf, going for the green from a fairway bunker is not unusual. I also agree with adding a lob wedge and adjusting the WC timing.


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                  Unequip the bunker shot skill and you can hit 100+ yards with your Irons. Woods don't work so well.

                • Scrubjay
                  Scrubjay commented
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                  Sorry for the late reply. I've found that unequiping the bunker skill works sometimes but is inconsistent especially with the longer clubs. Depending on the lie there is no guarantee of even getting out of the bunker. I only do this now for sw, aw and pw.

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                Why can't you schedule battles that are more competitive. Getting real, real old battling teams that are +500 guild points.

                7 out of 9 last season, are you kidding me? 2 for 2 this season, smdh.

                Teams should play other teams that are +/- 200 guild points of their guild point ranking.

                You can't tell me there are no other guilds in the 2800 range, so what the hell gives? You matching them up with 3300 guild point teams too?

                Makes zero sense.


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                  Shafthawk welcome to GS. lol


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                    That is, your plans should always be purchased! Why does that help us a little? Deadlines Do not do more Be good Begging stars and coins Most of the day Mournful games Just play and sell Money Buying Selfish cruelty Ambitious no longer
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                      Hello ZenithAngler

                      do you know if there is any decision or work on point 3.1 of Darkness2880 list?

                      "Guildbattle - Be able to select No Items or Pouch Only for your prep, which would also force anyone who challenges you to play that same way."

                      This would really be awesome to have.


                      • ZenithAngler
                        ZenithAngler commented
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                        Hi chka2902,

                        Unfortunately, I'm unaware of any decision to move forward with this suggestion. The development team has received a report that included this suggestion, but I'd be happy to include it again this week.

                        Thank you for your support!


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                      Guild invite option in goodwill