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WW/Dark team compo, need help!

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  • WW/Dark team compo, need help!

    well i need advice on what to get and positions
    for ww i got : linmay,enthia,cow,jade,meiran and xing
    for dark i got : lucid,metatron,patricia and malcolm

    and this is my team for now, still got other elements because there's no other to replace them.

    Click image for larger version  Name:	team.png Views:	1 Size:	1,000.0 KB ID:	1666218
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    Ur advice is to get more players


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      hamerus* - Baltheon* - Lucid

      linmay - Metatron - Vivid fear*

      jade - Magnus* - meiran - silk*

      Black tortoise*

      Duran to replace meiran, Batheon is a Must with lucid.

      Kobayashi is true, get more players first and then look. Rainbow would be easier for the first levels. Just push striker and CM


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        KobayashiRaika yeah exactly and i need to know what to get since i might scout them.
        nehes thank you for the advice, this will help me a lot!


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          Personally I would go rainbow with a long term focus on mono dark. With ace bursts factored in going dual color doesn't really hold many benefits.


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            Weasl ahh yeah true, thanks for the advice, i guess i'll see what i get later on hehe


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              If you're planning to go mono I highly recommend focusing on scouting your players. I built the vast majority of my team by simply climbing the colosseum as high as I could and doing free resets when I got stuck. Just take a mental note of what characters you want/need for your optimal team and start collecting GP. Outside of legendaries I guarantee you'll see every character in scout over time.