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Just need a little advice on my mono thunder team and question about my Griffith

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  • Just need a little advice on my mono thunder team and question about my Griffith

    Hi everyone, I just want to ask three quick question about my team.

    First of all this is my team basically I use them all the time so I don't think I am going to switch them anytime so
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_2017-08-06-09-31-21-1.jpg Views:	1 Size:	703.2 KB ID:	1665154

    My question I would like advice on is that I release a lot of players around 27 ish since I was like why not I not going to do chains anymore because I don't have the time to get the player I need so my first question is What player should I try and +30? As of right now my Goddess Griffith is +30 so I was thinking of going to +30 to Raklet next since she has +4 plus she GK but I would like to ask first. Hildegard has +1 and everyone has +0 since I move them all to Griffith (Tira has +30 but she 3 star why I use her because she is beast).

    My second question is that I am about to reach 900 DS and I would like to know should I get Bell or Leventor or should I keep them and do the long grind for Felix? Of course since I have soccer ball sniper Askeladd it would be nice to have an other legendary to keep her company but I was leaning toward Bell since Leventor will replace Griffith and all the +30 would just be stuck with her until I get a ticket thru some magical reason. However is Laventor better than +30 Griffith?

    Finally my last question I would like to ask everyone is that I don't get Leventor, How do I make my Griffith shoot nuclear bombs soccer ball at the enemy Gk? aka How do I make her even more stronger?

    Her stats pre-game are here:
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_2017-08-06-09-32-13-1.jpg Views:	1 Size:	561.2 KB ID:	1665156

    Her stats in-game are here:
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_2017-08-06-23-19-32-1.jpg Views:	1 Size:	441.1 KB ID:	1665157

    and the stones she has:
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_2017-08-06-09-32-00-1.jpg Views:	1 Size:	487.3 KB ID:	1665155

    It mostly increase receiving pass effect by 60% and dribble by 30% however I like to ask because for some reason I am terrible at stone management

    ​​​​​​I forgot to mention that her dribble can go up to around 4200 to 4400 with special pass and 3700 with regular pass
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    I´m not a thunder main so I don´t know, i just give you my opinion and you do what you want with it, no hard feelings.

    1st. Most Thunder teams run 4 man front with win or veronica for more dmg. You don´t. You run double assist, which is pretty good, sometimes only 1 with guin and vero can be good. Try it. Then choose what you feel more confortable with.

    2nd. +30... I don´t use them on anyone. You looking for 1 shot or 2 shot win. Is that really a true necessity? your shots clear enemy Gk by a short or a large gap? look on it. (you need more power on mid or in front?)

    3rd. Leventor on a pen meta is a beast. Outside of it, its regular, so if not a must I won´t go for it looking you have your "goddes" Griffith.
    Saying that, bell would be your most acceptable choice, if not felix who I don´t find the most reliable char although is good.

    4th. Tira may be a beast, I don´t even know her stats nor skills, but 4 man bot. How many shots do you tank? 2/3 (Won´t it be better to try OHKO or 2?)(Or even 4 man mid?)

    5th. Current meta being pen. With your runes, I think you will have a hard time the higher you climb. Pen runes or red crit, I think they will increase dmg, but I´m not pretty sure.

    6th. Your mid lane pen through, but you rely on speed and having the ball. Will your team CA or pen against high CA/reflex teams?? (Bell/freyja may tank a pen).

    That said, I don´t have any Idea about thunder. My friend Densuo may be able to crytizice WW and help you. (Just a joke)

    PD: Your team looks better than mine though.
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      Looks like you've waifu'd your Tria. nice lol.

      Hey there, as nehes tagged me I'll try to help as much as I can while taking into account that you are F2P

      For starters, my Griffith uses Dragon's Bone, Green Penetration, and two Thunder Receiving Pass stones. I also run Griffith's Ace normally while sometimes switching to Luka. The current meta pretty much demands 2 assists, and with Magnus and Duran everywhere it hurts her chances of landing an OHKO. My stone setup and substats allows her 100% pen, with Luka's active countering Duran.

      You've taken Griffith to +30 which is more than I have. You should stick with her. I myself switch between Griffith and Blade depending on the matchup.

      As far as TPU 30. I make galaxy and I dont have anyone outside of my farming team like that. You really don't need to worry about TPU right now. TPU is quite frankly endgame.

      On topic of Legend. Hold on to your Dimension Stones. The next Legend should be announced soon, and depending on if they're thunder and what they bring to the table, they may be more valuable to you compared to Leventor, Bell, or Felix.

      On topic of your formation, I run 4 front. Griffith, Luka Karpilla Veronica. My goal is to defeat my opponents with 2 shots. A 4 front with Veronica means Veronica's disturb is adding more damage to Griffith.

      If you want to add more damage to Griffith then I suggest you find and use Haru and Lukia to unlock her Affection chain and then place Haru into your team in your midlane. I would also suggest adding Freyja into the midlane. As long as you have Cynthia you can unlock Raklet's Affection chain and grant her more survivability.

      I understand you like Tria, but Raklet already has a truckload of HP. You can use her as you wish but try a formation like this:

      Griffith Luka Vero Karpilla
      Freyja Haru Lynia
      Nerua Nikita Askelaad

      If you INSIST on having Tria in your team I will not deny you your pick. However I would then suggest this:

      Griffith Luka Vero Karpilla
      Tria Hildegard Lynia
      Nerua Nikita Askelaad

      If you want Griffith to shine and go all in with her, I would suggest working your team to accommodate her affection (Haru) and Friendship chain (Lynia)

      Here's my Griffith team for reference. I tend to swap Hildegard in for Askelaad and Raklet for Glayde depending on the matchup. I have every thunder player in the game that is currently available with the exception of Felix and the removed Zach.Click image for larger version

Name:	Griff.jpg
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ID:	1665337


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        I really really want to thank both of you for giving a ton of feedback after reading it seem I should and will try out your guys suggestions to see if changing up may work although I been using them for a while so it might take getting use too (I might have to lose some game in pvp but good thing it pre season right). I do have most thunder also except the news and a small few classics so I will task myself to level everyone that mention to 60 (if obtainable) and test out the play style of the team. For trying my next +30 Lynia to me seem like a safe bet as is part of Griffith friendship chain and the team suggestion that was made had Lynia still also reading I did begin to question (at you need more power on mid or in front?) and my mid to me seem like it need extra power so since Lynia she will start becoming +30.