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    Currently, my mono ardor midline consists of

    [victoria] [lia] [gaphyl]

    but i feel as if lia is a very underwhelming and below average cm. She isnt that tanky. her reflexes are slightly above average at best. and her speed is nothing special. the only real pros i feel she brings to the team is the global action speed totem and midline reflex debuff. Yet, in most mono-ardor teams i face or see, lia is the go-to choice for cm.

    My lia has 3 superbed training and is at level 60.

    So my question is: What are her optimal stones and skills for cm? And/or should i be looking to replace her? Can she compete with the other late game cm's?

    I realize that there arent many replacements for lia in a mono ardor team, but im thinking about trying erica cm. Im also at around 500 dimension stones and i was thinking about getting Choi to replace lia. But that will probably take me a few months

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    I run mono ardor with Lia at CM. Build her to be tanky with HP and damage reduction stones. Really she's just there to survive the start of the match while holding the ball before passing for her action speed totem, though she is a halfway decent stealer.

    My mid is Viktoria - Lia - Yuri (who is so up to be replaced, she's my midlines weak point)


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      Obviously you run mono ardor, but on high league, Lia is the worst CM out there. She is only viable against mono WW and they mostly put nera as their Cm so you won´t be penetrated. Dark, light and Thunder outplay lia so much, not worth putting her there. That´s my opinion. And most people run Metatron so your increase in reflex will be diminished and you won´t steal from nearly anyone. Idk another option but I find that ardor midlane is lacking. Victoria is a must and then choi? or new Legend? I always pen through against ardor so...


      • Tekko
        Tekko commented
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        Yea... I'll stick with my mono ardor setup. Since it allows me to use the ace burst for william, and that ace is deadly when paired with a 2k pass from renee
        I'll probably just have to save up for Nabi or something. Though that'll take me another year or so.

        But i have to disagree with you Weasl, on the ardor backline sucking. I run Jiho - DQ - Kevin - Yuri with Angela gk, and its a very solid defense. all their totems work extremely well with each other. My angela has a solid 2.7k+ health, with 95% crit resist and about 60% dmg reduction. I can usually tank about 6+ crit shots from the average 5* striker. Strikers like Vonchi and leventor are a different story. Vonchi is vonchi, and tickles me first shot. then does twice my remaining hp his next shot. and leventors high pen is hard to deal with. Its the lack of speed the ardor players have and their midline that feels sub-par. At least in my experiences.

      • nehes
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        Maybe Victoria - Choi - Shu will work. With choi being full defensive. Wont tank much, but he can still steal from some enemies.

        SOLARJOLT commented
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        Shu is probably the best CM ardor has. Yes, unfortunately, he is a legend. But the best, nonetheless. If Lia has 6* MSPU with Jade as her UQ stone, she can break 3k reflex with Victoria and Gaphyl mid. 2k8 with Metatron present. No, Lia still isn’t that tanky, BUT, 2k8 reflex Lia is a fair amount higher reflex than most Metatron’s I’ve seen after her debuff. It was honestly surprising.