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Which 5* are good ?

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  • Which 5* are good ?

    Hey Guys,

    I play Soccer spirits for a while now and unfortuantly I am not quite sure which player are good or bad.
    I have a lot of 5* players and I dont know which player I should use.
    So if somebody is familiar with that and is an expert about this topic, please reply to this thread.
    It would be really nice if somebody would help me

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    it depend on wat kind of team u wan tot build tho
    Mono colour or duo or rainbow?


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      I think i would prefer a rainbow team.


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        Hi, looking at what you´ve post and the legends and strikers I saw, I would maybe go for an ardor/light team.

        Assist(milkyway) - Elaine - Sharr

        sammy (Not owned?) - Duke (Lia) - Milky way (duke)
        (Black ivy)

        For back lane I would go full ardor (Which I think is trash in the current meta or a mix of ardor light):
        1. --> Kevin (Must) - Shu - Graphyl - Death Queen (Not owned?)
        Angela (Only decent GK for ardor, if not owned dont go that)

        2--> Chitose - Shu - Graphyl - Black Ivy (Virgil)
        Kei (Maybe Isillia if you get her)

        2*Tons of Heal and decent penetration / Steal (I saw recently in light teams that girl Evolved lvl 17. Maybe her? but IDK What stats give her to the team, so like you prefer)

        I think that you need some key players for that so maybe full rainbow is better, but you will have a hard time finding a propper Ace or climbing in League.

        Renee - Elaine - Sharr

        Sammy - Duke - Milky way (Will get penetrated pretty easily)

        Chitose - Shu - Graphyl - Black Ivy (Maybe more tankiness needed)


        If you dont have some of those players change them to whatever adapts better for it. Virgil for black Ivy, maybe silla for renne, things like that
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          Renee - Elaine - Sharr