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  • Reappraisal Rune info

    With the introduction of Reappraisal Stones, you've made the importance of the original quality of a rune more important. It would be very helpful to have information on what quality a rune was originally found.
    Example: If you find a Rune at the Quality Legendary, all the sub stats are decided. Which gives you more rolls into stats than a Rune of Magic Quality or anything less than a Legendary Rune.
    However, once you level up a Rune that doesn't start out as a Legendary Rune to level 12+, it becomes a Legendary Rune.

    Personally, I have about 100+ Runes that are level 12+ but no way of knowing how many Rolls went into them. I can try to guess by analyzing their stats but, I would much prefer knowing if I'm going to get 4 extra rolls or 2.

    So, I think it would be really helpful if there was information on all of your Runes to know what Quality the Rune was found at for a more strategic use of the Reappraisal Stones.
    Maybe, underneath the label of the quality, you could write a smaller label of what the Rune began as.

    There's an example of what it could look like below.
    Click image for larger version

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    Like if you think this would be really helpful.
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    +1 hard to tell. especially if u had 3x min roll on the same sub it just looks like a lower quality rune


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      +1 need to know if a rune has 3 or 4 rolls on it


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        Bump 10char


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          Badump bump


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            Sure. I agree. +1

            Could potentially show the original rune when re-appraising.


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              I dont rly see why it should show legendary at all if its actually magic - the only thing that makes it 'legendary' is the +12..... and i think ppl can figure out on their own that a +12 rune got 4 subs lol

              just show
              +12 magic

              Btw +1 if it wasnt clear


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                yep. agree. +1


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                  It could be really nice I posted too: Lets all merge HERE


                  Since the last patch, especially since the Reappraisal Stone, it's really important to know the base type of rune to be sure to make the right choice of which rune you want to reappraise. What we do now is just going thru all the runes we have and just try to calculate how many ups we get on each rune to be able to select the right one to be reappraised. This way to go is very long and requires a lot of patience. What I suggest here is that we have a way to recognise easily the base rune type by putting the base type colour directly on the symbol (Swift symbol, Energy symbol, Rage symbol etc..) of the rune and only make the background chance colour while she is being increase (+3 Green +6 Blue +9 Purple and +12 Orange). So that was even if its +15 it always keep the base type colour on the symbol while the background change. By Example: If I loot an Violent HERO RUNE: The violent symbol will always stay PURPLE (Even if its +3 , +6, +9 or +12) Only the background will chance colour while increasing quality.

                  Being thru all your runes and calculating how many ups you get on each runes is a long and laborious task and but actually doable with the way the rune are displayed in the game but I think it can be improved because it's actually not optimal.

                  Second of all, its gonna be easier to look at a player monsters running that way if you are a recruiter for a guild. By example, you take a look at a player monster box and see quickly: yeah this guy have a lot of +15 runes ... but they are all MAGIC base runes... So that player might not be that good and your are not fooled by all the +15 you see.

                  Let me know what do you think.

                  By the way guys my base language is French so I apologise in advance for the fault I've could have made.
                  Thank you.

                  +1 BTW



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                    Impossible to know rune rank at this time if it was grinded, fix this please


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                        People need to see this, no 1 has anything to lose in the upgrade of this runes UI. Please leave a comment about what you think.


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                            Seems like only few people wants this improvement... it's really a shame


                            • Airtias
                              Airtias commented
                              Editing a comment
                              Weird right? It's simple, not game breaking and would be helpful. I guess it's only the late game players who really care at all.

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                            Is not that only a few people want this feature, is infact too many people wanted this and so many post about this and is too scattered.
                            2ndly C2Us don't look at this forum..... even posting suggestions here doesn't mean a thing.

                            The developers have interviews with other gaming sites and is posted on asian sites but not on their own official C2Us sites. If you know chinese, go ahead and read this.


                            The interview is longggggggg and they talk about future game direction and such.... and it have a picture of the developer.... lol