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Buy William and go Mono Ardor or...?

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  • Buy William and go Mono Ardor or...?

    Hell guys, I would like to know what you think about this.

    I could finally replace Lynia with Choi and if it wasn't for Guinevere that maximize Beatrice penetration in some situations I run Elaine instead and Duke on mid left for which I scouted Victoria few days ago (I am building her now) my team would be Ardor/WW and it goes like:

    Beatrice Neraizel Elaine/Guinevere

    Duke Lia Choi

    Gaphyl/Magnus/DQ Shu Silk


    As I also have Renee and Victoria as said I was wondering if I could buy William and go mono Ardor using William Ace Burst.

    The team would be something like this:

    William Elaine Renee

    Victoria Lia Choi

    Gaphyl/Yuri/Erica Shu Death Queen


    I know still lack of Kevin for Angela. Then I could run Gaphyl at mid right, Choi at CM and the back Kevin DQ Shu and a support.

    I also have a bench warming Lucid waiting for a Baltheon maybe, also have Shura and MSPU Alkyde.

    Problem is now Attack Power + Penetration Ace Burst is doing THE sh*t on the game and keeps me wondering how far it could take me.

    Bell is on the bench too. Mono Thunder is other option but I would lose +2K power since most of the players are 5* not evolved. I have: Lynia, Guinevere, Nerua, Cynthia, Luka, Bell, Freyja, Veronia, Karpila and many others but the best GK I have for Thunder is Nute...

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    Solved. Close please.