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  • Next step for my team

    Hi guys,

    After screwing around for a long time basicly copying what I face ingame ive kinda hit a dead end and cant get above platinum. This is my current team:

    Silla - Luka - Sharr (7*)
    Sammy (ace) - Khirel - Victoria
    Magnus - Metatron (7*) - Virgil (7*) - Yuri (support)

    I played a bit with the setup (swapping khir and meta, changing yuri for Linmay) but it doesnt really get any better. Teams of similair or slightly lower strength (sss - 12880) allways beat me.

    any advice on where to go next?
    any advice about add player X or Y goes expect for legends. I have practicly all interesting (in my eyes) classic 5* benched and if not ill just hunt for it in scout or draw.

    Thanx for any advice!

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    Your frontline is pretty out of date, swap Luka for Elaine and, if possible, swap Silla for Renee (not as important).
    Vic-Meta-Linmay mid, or Vic-Meta-Sammy to keep Sammy ace.
    Kei isn't a good enough gk to run an offensive backline. Kei basically requires Jin and Kevin in-line to be even decent, and if you had Jin you'd use him as gk. Isillia, Angela, Lucian, Tortoise, or even Zibroi would be better than Kei. You've also got 2 linebreakers when you only need 1. Khirel is straight up broken right now, but so is virgil, so switch whichever one you feel like out and use Kevin. (Swap Khirel if you use Isillia, and get Chitose, not kevin)


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      You are playing Kei wrong. A good Kei with support is probably better than Isillia, also with support, in the long game. However, your team doesn't support him. You have no healing to sustain yourself, so how do you expect your Kei to get to 3 stacks? And Virgil alone isn't enough sustain.


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        Magnus - Metatron (7*) - Virgil (7*) - Yuri (support)

        this backline with kei

        this is so easy to kill. yes metatron can be put on striker but then she can selfkill with a steal swap metatron realy fast... basicly every color can beat this backline easily with 3 front players.

        swap kei for lucian or angela - even issilia is better for that backline,

        silla elaine shar if you want to win match... + sammy ace still op specialy for shar with elaine...

        for midline you have many option and with your players all look good...


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          Thanks for the advice all..GK are not the ones I kept cause i thought Kei was the-way-to-go guess i gtto reshuffle my backline till I get one of the suggested GK (also, Kei is fully build, would hate to throw it away. I do have BT tho but shes basic 5*). I swapped Khir with meta and ran Linmay as support and that goes a bit better. Of the suggested players I only had Renee (so far my confidence in my bench lol) but im building her as we speak to swap out Luka.

          @Star: I have some more active healers: Avnore, Black Ivy, Miho, Freyja and Gaphyl and dynames (tho i dont like him hes ugly lol). Would adding one of those fix Kei?


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            Freyja or Miho helps Keis abysmal hp but really no, none of those will help much. Outside of Avnore and Dynames they're actually all really good, but Kei is just terrible (personally for Kei though I'd use Ivy, she helps his hp and cr, is pretty fast, and has tons of ab regen power.) Gaphyl is straight up cancer but Kei needs bulk and Gaphyl doesn't provide that in any way.