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Trying to get an ardor team setup correctly

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  • Trying to get an ardor team setup correctly

    Here's what I've got as an Ardor team so far including who's sitting on the sideline. I just need advice on what to focus on and where to go with replacements or even moving people around on the team. I have William 7* and full spu, +160. I have Nari 6* and 4 spu +58, I just got Angela and Gaphyl so no spu, just trying to evolve and level them up. Any direction or assistance would be awesome! Thanks guys and gals!

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    Needs Renee over Nari
    Elaine over milky
    Kevin over Leah
    Roina over Yuri
    Sammy is functional at cm but so is nari, and nari is actually ardor.


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      I agree with the above but I think you should also run double striker with Sharr in the support slot (I run double striker with Ravian and Beatrice and it's working just fine)


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        Yea you should never run double striker. Like, ever. The only time it's even pheasible is if both strikers suck, or if 1 provides a useful totem for the other (i.e Beatrice+Shanti, but even then you're better off with just Shanti) or if one of them is playing mid (really only Ravian can do this)


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          Thanks for the suggestions guys! Is there any room for Lia in my team? I just got her too. Plenty of Ardor dropping for me. Must be a sign.


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            Lia would best fit at CM over sammy. Of course you'd want to get her somewhat invested before you replace sammy.


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              A little late to the party but I run a mono ardor team and here's what I use, along with some commentary on why.

              Frontline: William - Elaine - Renee

              Not much to say here, other then with William's ACE Burst active he pretty much can smash through most GK with one shot. He's built with a TB, 2 Penetration stones, the ardor critical damage stone and supported by EBM on Elaine. Not much else, it's pretty standard. Though I'm toying with the idea of replacing William with Kyoko .

              Mid-field: Victoria - Lia - Yuri - Erica

              Midfield holds up pretty well. Victoria acts as a line breaker, Lia is built to hold the ball at the start of matches, and her first past nets a 20% speed boost and long pass is nice. Yuri is a replacement for Roina who, while a better line breaker, couldn't hold the ball so she got replaced by Yuri and her totem buffs. Yuri can still have issues holding the ball but that has more to do with her not having any SPU's yet. Erica is pretty much a throw away, she's got decent stats but she's mainly there for her HP buff and depending on if/when Sage gets his final Evolution he may take her slot.

              Backline: Kevin - Gaphyl - Death Queen

              Pretty standard stuff here. I do run Gaphyl down the center to protect him from being smashed by the harder hitting Shooters though. There's lots of survivability but I do sometimes have issues getting the ball back to the front.


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                So I've managed to get Renee and Roina as well change my ace to Lia and invested a lot into her already. (Up to 3SPU already!!) Thank you for the in depth comments Weasl!! Where should I focus on next? I'm thinking Elaine if she ever drops for me? Let me know
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                • Weasl
                  Weasl commented
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                  Elaine and Kevin for sure. Elaine is amazing on any team, as is Kevin, more so since Angela has an affection chain with him (+20% HP and Defense).

                  Take which ever you can get first.

                  As for who to powerup next i'd say Victoria. She really is a monster but a lot of boils down to where you feel your team is weakest. For me I started with my Striker (you've done that) my GK and then my midline.

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                Really late response but ill just share what i have anyways. likewise with Weasl, i also run mono ardor but my setup is a bit different.

                For frontline i run: WIlliam - Elaine - Renee

                straight-forward. though im experimenting with sacrificing some damage for speed and spirit gen. I rerolled one of William's stone attribute and am currently using essence of greed on him. its not too bad paired with his ace burst, i still have enough penetration to one shot many opponents, but when i do fail to do so, i get the ball back to will pretty quickly for the final shot. although, my elaine isnt MSPU'd (only SPU'd her 3 times) so the ball gets passed her somewhat easily.

                Mid-Field: Victoria - Lia - riona

                Honestly this is the weakest link in my team. None of the three have any SPU's so the ball tends to get past them quickly. though riona is still a very strong line breaker and still gets the job done sometimes. because of my mid field being so weak. i put all my investments into my backline.

                Backline: Yuri - Gaphyl - Deathqueen - Kevin (support) - Angela (GK)

                Gaphyl, DQ, and Kev are pretty standard to Angela. But i like yuri in the backline cause she provides both an amazing health totem as well as a very solid line break. With this setup, My angela easily reaches 3k health. I like using Kev as support as those rare times i face opponents that have an under powered striker, i move him to the frontline for his quick start. very nice when paired with elaine and my current william setup.
                The only real problem ive run into with this backline is that its somewhat hard to penetrate the enemy frontline, if they have high reflexes. As yuri doesnt really have good reflexes. Other than that though, i dont have a problem with yuri breaking through both the enemy's front and mid line. Another minor problem is the lack of spirit gen in the backline, so using Gaphyl's healing active is quite costly.
                Kev is still a very solid line breaker if you dont like running a 3-3-4 team setup.

                Do be warned, if you put DQ as the shot blocker. being a defender, her AI tends to attempt to steal the ball from the enemy striker whenever the chance arises, and if she fails (which in my case, is way more than i would have liked) you'll more than likely to lose a huge chunk of Angela's HP if not get her knocked out entirely when the enemy takes that shot on poor lonely and isolated Angela.