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  • What to do with what I've got

    Played mainly pre-S2 and before the art nerfs. Currently one of the worst rank 60's, my teams are around 5k and I see 6-8k that are ranked well below me often in pvp.

    Here's what I have:

    WILLIAM (when I drew him at rank30 he instantly became the focus of my resources, so he's red evolved and has +30)
    jean (mainly interesting for the Ardor/Thunder ace option... ?)

    except I have no other ardor of value FeelsBadMan

    Kiki (she's good right?)
    cow demon
    shanti (... striker)

    LUKA (one of the best assists iirc?)
    Iggy (I'm guessing she has decent synergy with Will bc of crits?)
    Cynthia (she used to be considered decent?)

    Ustiel (combos with my only 5* GK Ronald by buffing hp?)
    hercules (I drew him this am at 6* instead of 5, didn't know that was a thing)
    hiro (was my man pre rank30, now useless...)

    RONALD (best GK I have unless I'm sleeping on Mute being awesome lol, sure wish his name was Ronald. Also I have 2 extra copies of him, that doesn't do anything great for me does it?)
    Lilith (I miss her old art)
    lucid (why wouldn't i have another striker 5*?)

    So questions:
    -what is my team here, I just want to pump the resources/time i have into evolving and max leveling an entire team for the first time ever.
    -pimping William out to EE and +160 is still a secondary focus right?
    -what do I do first after I get a baseline of max level evolved players? special trainings? decent spirit stones? attribute boosting?
    -who should on my scout and/or increased draw chance hype list? I've seen Blade, Yuri, Jheet and Verister lately and I sort of regret not grabbing Yuri but the rest didn't seem like decent options)

    Thanks for any points, happy new year (soon).

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    So yea it's a bit limited but you have decent options.

    Willy-Rudiel-Luka-Iggy (supp)
    Cynthia-???-Cow Demon

    areas that need immediate improvement are at CM, where your current best choices are Ustiel or Luka, who are both better served elsewhere, and another backliner, ideally Kevin. CM has a lot of good choices, Sky or Lia pairs well with Cynthia, and Sammy pairs well with anyone with a reflex buff, Linmay also likes Cow Queen. The other non-assist options would be mostly legends.