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[GUIDE] How to get on the lists

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  • [GUIDE] How to get on the lists

    1. The amount of +/-support your suggestion has from different players.

    2. The amount of +/-support your suggestion has over time.

    3. The amount of reasons and research present in your suggestions

    4. The pros and cons that each user presents as feedback (if any).

    5. The reputation of a user on the forum that is making the thread/providing feedback

    6. The circumstances surrounding your suggestions


    - It's a human reading these suggestions, not a robot.

    - Your past posts may influence the chances of the threads appearing (mainly applies to certain trolls and spammers)

    - I will also be listing the reasons behind why users like/dislike the suggestion. Make sure they exist!

    - Controversial long threads will not appear in either lists. However, making a new thread that have a summary of all the reasons why it should be implemented may help the situation.

    - I only read English.

    - Proper grammar helps more than you think.

    - Don't spam. It only helps undermine your suggestion.

    - Hint: The amount of likes the thread has will have a higher chance of being seen.
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