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  • Need Raindbow Team Help

    Hi all,
    So after 2 years of not getting single legend draw, my legendary luck has changed for the holidays and I drew Khirel and Beth this week xD
    So my current set up before getting Beth yesterday was:

    Baltheon - Silla - Vonchi
    Victoria - Sammy - Lynia
    Anael - Virgil - Kiki - Khirel (support)

    And so right now I'm also looking to replace Kei, he's just not cutting it and want to swap him with either Angela, Isillia, or Black Tortoise. I also have Milky Way whom I want to fit in there with Beth somehow. And I know that I should swap out Anael with someone, and I have several other players which may work which I'll list later.

    Here are some other players I own that might work: Magnus, Silk, Nerua, Chitose, Dynames, Ustiel, Mariel, Avnore.

    Any advice is welcome on how I should make my team, and if there are also other players that might work better than the ones I mentioned I will keep and eye out for them in scout! Thanks

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    Replace Balth or Silla for Milky, who is really Vonchis BFF.
    Swap Lynia for Beth.

    All of your GK wants need a certain player (Angela needs Kevin, Isilla and Hyunmu need Magnus) so I'm highly tempted to say get Kevin and then use Angela. This pretty much narrows you to Ardor/Light (could swap Kiki with Chitose if you use Isilla) meaning you can use Sammy or Milky Ace, which makes Silla replaceable by Elaine.

    If you want to stay rainbow, essentially the same stuff applies but your entire backrow, and Khirel as well, probably need to go, depending on your GK choice.