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Making my mono-ardor team more ardor

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  • Making my mono-ardor team more ardor

    So recently I've put together a mono-ardor team (attached below) and it's working marvelously so far. it doesn't seem to have any outright, glaring weaknesses and is all in all, a well rounded team. That being said though, I'm sure it can be improved in terms of composition.

    Forward: My William has a fantastic amount of penetration (ace burst) along with the usual high raw power, but it feels to be slightly under average with crit chance.

    Mid: I've run Lia CM before and she does her job, same with Victoria, but Riona feels to be lacking. She has decent offense but she has very little health and is easily knocked out.

    Back: Angela is Angela, Kev has his totems. Yuri makes Angela more tanky. Gaphyl heals. And Lucian shot blocks and heals.

    After looking at the upcoming weekend draws, i noticed that Jiho and Choi were gunna be featured. I was wondering of the two, which should i prioritize?
    If i drew Choi, i would replace Riona with him and work on building him up.
    But if were to hope for Jiho, who should i replace in my backline with him? Im gravitating towards replacing lucian with jiho as i can just make gaphyl the shot blocker but i was wondering if anyone else had any advice on that.

    Of course, the odds are i wont get them (dam you RNGesus) so i also have another question. Would it be viable to replace Riona with Jean? I feel like he would do the job well and also provide some extra firepower for times i barely miss OHKO'ing the enemy GK.

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    If you're replacing Roina for someone not named Choi or MAYBE Lucius, maybe Erica if you used Lucian at GK, or MAYBE MAYBE Sage (but srsly, Choi), it's bad. Roina is by far the best linebreaker Ardor has, plus her MPL stacks nicely with Elaine active.
    Another option thay I guess you have would be a line of like, Victoria-Lia-Nari, which would trade Roina offense for Naris' huge spirit gen and solid thieving, and score a pretty offensive-oriented Victoria to make it viable, but really just use Roina.

    Would sooner replace Yuri with Jiho. Replace Lucian with Death Queen.


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      Alright, lets hope i get jiho then