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    This is my current team, and other Ardor I have in stock. My current build focuses mainly on the ability to "bounce" the ball around with multiple passes and OHKO within 2 shots.

    I would like some advices for - if possible - a good penetration build (or just a modify of the current one), since this build requires time to build up spirit, and just doesn't work well against high speed team. Thanks.

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    I cannot see your team, nor the other ardor units


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      I would recommend looking for replacements for your two special players as their late game stats are going to be sub-par to any other 5 star player.

      For your mid-line, i would recommend putting lia CM as she has an action and a reflex debuff, as well as a self heal for soaking up dmg and a fairly high reflex with mspu. Her active pass isnt all that important so long as you have a decent attacker. Yuri is a great choice but her hp totem pairs nicely with any GK so you can keep her where she is or try her on defense. Victoria is a must for her reflex totem which will greatly boost lia's performance, so hope you acquire her soon.

      Put death queen into lia's original spot as DQ's totems are pretty nice for a GK to have. For that reason again, i would move yuri to the backlines as she would provide both a hp totem for lucian, and a way to break through the enemy's offense as you would now have no assist to pass the ball forward. but kevin does an ok job with breaking through the enemy offense.

      As for the penetration build, i can only offer knowledge on what i run. which is william with two pen stones and his ace burst, giving him a solid 80% pen. it works wonderfully.

      other players to look out for would be elaine as she her totems are really nice. i would recommend replacing one of your current forward assists with her. you can also try experimenting with kevin in your front line for his action bar boost. it'll make your forward a lot faster. but seeing as you have lucian, it would be more beneficial to utilize kev's defensive totems. (fyi, a properly built angela is a nightmare to go against, and a force to be reckoned with. or rather a wall.)