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Latios and mono light

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  • Latios and mono light

    Hello i try to do mono light with latios as a striker... in front line i use silla and milky.

    Latios stones:

    Shard of Balmung - pass effect + cd stack
    Last Flash - cr + hp recover
    Sky arena flash - dribble + hp recover
    + stone red CD

    porblem is she is realy weak in first 3-4 shots and 5 shot is not that op too... her penetration is awfull and speed too...

    i thinking about get blue penetration stone to + and meta.will. as special to make her strike faster but im open to sugestion...

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    Latios isn't a particularly power-based striker, but you can 7* her to swap a light slot for a red for dual red cd, then keep light dribble and sob (wom is also decent). For pure damage, swap out Milky for Celus or run 4front with celus.


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      Lol in that case ivy is better for front line for her as decrease


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        I mean Ivy+Milky do work extremely well together, but I personally prefer ivy mw, even if her stack buff is pretty meh. She is a great thief, though.
        Celus just also provides a bit more crit for Latios, which can help if you go SoB over WoM.


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          Latios + guardenia - OP give Latios ACE in mono light and that team is bugged... PS: im still not sure what stones is best for her... now it look like penetration is good choice since every player in game is hunting critical resistance and damage resistance...