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Need some advice on unique stones

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  • Need some advice on unique stones

    I need some advice on what unique stones I should be looking to get for my players.

    Currently I have Bora equipped w/ TB (although I want to get Dragon's Bone for her), Elaine w/ EBM, Renee w/ Prey's Sentence, Gaphyl w/ Metatron's Will, Lucian w/ Presty's Clockwork, and Lia has PoME just because. Not sure whether to use Presty's or PoME on Lucian.

    Any helpful tips would be much appreciated

    *forever legendaryless*

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    Both Lia and Lucian want PoME, if you use Lia backline she doesn't really need it though.
    Though if I could make another suggestion, move Gaphyl to Lias spot, move Lia to Roina spot, and move Roina to Gaphyls previous spot.

    Also imo TB>DB for Bora.


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      Use Lia as CM and gaphyl in backline. Roina RM.

      Lia runs Thousand Watchers


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        Okay so PoME > PC on Lucian then

        And alright, I'll try switching up my positions. Been having issues with 90% of teams having Metatron CM in diamond and champions. It's been really annoying. Switching them up like that might help get rid of some of that salt ;p


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          Yea Lia is about the best answer Ardor has to CM meta, though her bulk can be a bit undesirable. The only real offensive-oriented answer to meta that Ardor gets would be like... FTS Roina or Glab Choi, both of which are horrible misuses of 2 of the better Ardor mids. So Lia becomes Ardors best CM by default.

          As mentioned CM Lia does prefer TW, but PoME+light ref works fine if you have some good ref subs on the rest of the line, or another TW holder. Lia herself is better with PoME, but her usual mid builds for Ardor don't provide a TW holder.