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Bring my mono-thunder team here for a tune up!

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  • Bring my mono-thunder team here for a tune up!

    Get it needs a tune up because they are part robotic lol......please laugh

    Anyhow I was hoping to get bell but I didn't after 50 draws lol so I wanted to see if I can get some suggestions for my mono team was going to ask before the update but that would be silly

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    My current formation is above and my notable player after pictured also well the bottom three rows...ish I also have a load of swirly since I binge gold matches every weekend and since I waiting to finished Griffith with a black hole swirly tomorrow I wondering who I should power up. Also who I should special train since doing the 50 draws today I got loads of 4 stars to make to 5's and some 5 stars ready to go too *cough* *cough* 4 Lilith *cough*

    My short goal right now is to see what people suggest I should do and get my time to all 7 stars....if you can call that short
    My long term goal is to get the legends and make my team SSS without using my managers...right now my team rating it around 10500 ish w/o managers

    Anyhow I would like to see what people will think about my team and what I should do. I would put the build for each player if my phone wasn't dead so if you need them just ask and of course thanks for helping me out

    - Ripzip

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    I can only recommend investing in Freyja and Karpilla. Karpilla because she would boost your pve ohko more than Luka but if that is not a problem then it is fine and double passer may be better than Hildegard front. Freyja because heal, reflex totem and the other totems to replace Butch or Tria, she is also good for pve. But all these info isnt that new. Bell should replace Butch and with that you can run Veronica - Bell - Lynia - Freyja.
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      butcher on lvl 70??? didnt see that comming.... but still as Adrix write Freyja is your main missing player...


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        Thanks Adrix I am now using Freyja making her Level 60 right now (currently at 52 Karpila at 51)but now since the power up ticket came from the event in I am trying to decide who to use it on since I have Hiro at +160 and I don't use him anymore and I can transfer the full +160 to either Freyja, Veronica or Karpila.