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Request for Insight Regarding WoM William

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  • Request for Insight Regarding WoM William

    Let's see. So the question is, naturally, is it worthwhile to play the roulette game and try for a light slot on William?

    Before that, let's start with some context. In my situation, I'd be a mid-tier player running mono ardor. It's not quite finished in terms of superbing/beelzebubing, but I have the players more or less. If I were to use the DS for other purposes, there is only one fitting purpose. That is, to purchase Jiho. Why you ask? I want all the ardor legendaries of course.

    Anyways, here is where it gets terms of DS my reserves are rather paltry, just shy of 400. Did I already buy any legendary players? Did I buy unique stones? Did I foolishly waste them elsewhere? No, I just have that much.

    Why am I asking this question? Because WoM William is like Ardor Vonchi, and who doesn't want to run an Ardor Vonchi? He's mad. He's fast. He's mad?

    All aside, I welcome tales of slot-change misfortune, bravado about crusades in the name of Ardor, anecdotes detailing absolute decimation by the flaming machine gun, or just solid comments.

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    He's pretty broken, but if you even want to consider it then wait till the patch notes to see what/if any changes are lined up.
    As it is, you don't really need to use WoM. Cheaper to just use Bora who is just as ridiculous as WoMliam without needing a slot reroll.

    As for Jiho, she's really good. Really good defensive and striker totems. Also hits like a truck if you build her for it.


    • Ozurafos
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      It feels like a waste not to use William though. :/ Can't run quad ardor leggies without the big man (choi and shu are skinny) after all. That aside, I see what you mean. Running TB-CD-CD-Drib right now without much issues. My matchups feel like this: Isillia: Paper. Kei: Cardboard. Zibroi: gelatin that doesn't go away easily. Ronald: Cardboard wrapped with plastic wrap. Jin: Really dense cardboard. BT: Thin sheet of rubbery metal (harder than cardboard). Irre: rice paper. Angela: really tough beef jerky filled with rapidly growing bacteria that strengthen it. Lucian: dense cardboard. Raklet: toilet paper. Basically like that. Though when Presty comes out, she'd probably be fortified steel.

      HOWEVER, WoM william just feels so amazing.

      I honestly have no space for Jiho hehe.