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[GLOBAL] Phoenix — Guild War Recruitment

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  • [GLOBAL] Phoenix — Guild War Recruitment

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    <Phoenix> is currently OPEN for recruitment.
    (Effective as of December 8, 2017)

    Available Space — If Phoenix is full, please contact Demigozen or ariaceka if any accommodations can be made.

    Current Recruitment Needs — Phoenix is looking for active players that are capable of challenging Platinum Major-ranked guilds in guild wars. It is highly recommended for interested applicants to contact either Demigozen or ariaceka in-game (or LINE) for review before applying to the guild. If either cannot be reached, contact Tefo or klawz. Direct PMs through the forums are also acceptable, but may not be seen within a reasonable time-frame.

    Guild Management
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    Phoenix was created on April 28, 2016 by Sephiria.
    Permanent control was transferred to Demigozen on January 27, 2017.

    Phoenix's tag was designed by keee.

    Qualities of Phoenix

    Phoenix is competitive. We aim high and play to win. Phoenix was founded on the ambition of being a top-five guild on Global, and we intend to remain as one. We have several guild members that are either Diamond or capable of being considered one, that populate the top 100 in Nest rankings, and/or clear all Advanced Sky Fortress shrines every month.

    Phoenix is lenient. While Phoenix may be competitive, we are only strict on the basis of activity. Phoenix values this more than raw strength, so we usually only replace guild members that go inactive without notice or do not respond when reached through LINE. If a guild member shows signs of inactivity, they will be contacted on LINE (if possible) to get a better understanding of the situation.

    Phoenix is quiet. Our in-game guild chat typically remains silent for most of the day due to many of our members living in different parts of the world. The majority of chat activity happens a few hours before and/or after daily reset. The same applies to our chat group on LINE as well. While Phoenix is not blessed with a plethora of chatterboxes to maintain a lively and thriving chat, we do our best to maintain a drama-free environment for our members.

    Performance and Activities

    Guild Wars
    Guild wars are the primary interest of Phoenix, so we require our members to show active participation in these daily battles. Phoenix is part of the Platinum Major division in guild wars and consistently remains within the top 15 every week. Naturally, our opponents are typically high-Diamond and even Challenger in rank. We can achieve offensive victories against most Platinum Major guilds.
    • Phoenix entered Platinum Major on Week 2 of the division opening.
    • Prior to the arrival of Platinum division: Phoenix had consistently finished in the top 15 for server-wide guild wars. During this time, we commonly battled guilds from Korea, Japan, and China.
    • Prior to the arrival of server-wide guild wars: Phoenix had consistently finished in the top 3 for guild wars. Rival guilds that we often battled against included Squirtle Squad, Elysium, Omega, Saga, Fate, and Fairweather. Other strong guilds that we used to fight, but are no longer active, included War, Supernova, and Last Wish.
    1. Platinum Minor Entry (Prior to Platinum Major opening)
    • Week 1 Squirtle Squad
    • Week 2 Elysium & Phoenix
    • Week 3 Bulba Brigade & Fate
    • Week 4 Omega, Coffin, & Black
    1. Platinum Major Guild List
    • 1 Squirtle Squad
    • 2 Phoenix
    • 3 Elysium
    • 4 Bulba Brigade

    Guild Bingos
    Completing guild bingos has never been an issue for Phoenix as we acquire the five lines necessary for bingo credit very quickly. However, Phoenix is not a bingo guild, so we do not require nor pressure our members to participate in this activity. Members are more than welcome to complete bingo objectives at their own pace and leisure. As of the 1st Anniversary update, there is no longer any in-guild competition for incomplete bingo tiles.
    • Prior to the arrival of guild wars: Phoenix had consistently finished in the top 5 for guild bingos.
    Battlefield of Glory
    Phoenix does not enforce any "rules" or "code of honor" when it comes to the arena, though we do encourage others to avoid targeting fellow guild-mates who are in Diamond. All members act on their own volition while laddering. In Phoenix, you dictate your own code of honor, or lack thereof. However, this does not mean that we never help each other out...

    In addition to in-game guild chat, Phoenix uses LINE to communicate with its members. The LINE ID of the Guild or Vice Master is always shown in the guild information. Having LINE is completely optional, but highly recommended. Registering for an account is free, and you can install this application on both your mobile device and computer.

    Outside of the game, a few members of Phoenix actively create YouTube content for fellow Wonder Tacticians to watch. This is the primary method of seeing Phoenix's performance from an inside perspective.
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    Channel: xAkademiks
    Channel: Demigozen

    With that said, if you;
    • Are looking for a bingo-centric guild...
    • Are not interested in participating in guild wars...
    • Cannot at least challenge a Diamond player's 3v3 defense...
    • Cannot tolerate long and random periods of silence...
    • Actively seek and cause drama...
    • Lack the capacity for self-control...
    ...then unfortunately, Phoenix may not be the right guild for you.

    On the other hand, if you;
    • Are looking for a high-ranked, war-centric guild...
    • Can challenge or sweep a Diamond player's defense...
    • Can tolerate long and random periods of silence...
    • Refrain from seeking and causing drama...
    • Possess self-discipline...
    ...and most of or all of the above applies to you, then you would fit right in with us!

    As always, thank you for taking an interest in Phoenix; we look forward to seeing you in-game!
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    Recruitment post has been fixed to better reflect the current status of Phoenix.