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Shura or Luka or Karpila.

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  • Shura or Luka or Karpila.

    Hi friends. i need your advice on choosing a passer for my team. I run a thunder ardor team with lev striker and Lucian GK. Most of my team is quite set and good to roll. However, i am not very sure which passer is better for the team.

    i personally think that there are some goods and bads for all three passers.

    Luka: Amazing action speed buffer/debuffer. Good reflex, strong unit. Have friendship chain with Veronica and nemesis chain with and for Leventor ( which is really good because we meet lev and Luka a lot in pvp). However, for my current team, my Lev already had 93.8% pen and her active would be wasted ( max pen is 100.)

    Shura: Also amazing CR buffer/debuffer. Gives 30% reflex and crit within position is quite useful. Very useful totem/passer. She just got buffed not long ago. I am currently using her. However, still felt that i could get better and her overall ability is not that good ( maybe just need more invest).

    Karpila: So far the only passer that gives critical damage buff. Not sure about her crit buff ( require action). It was said that her action speed is super fast. Other factors are unknown.

    Please help me and give some suggestions. Advice for my team overall is also welcome.

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    I mean you do have 2 slots for assists on a standard Lev line, unless you're stacking Overbearing with Disturb from Veronica, which I don't think you are as you're considering Shura. Shura is useless if you already run Veronica front, as Inspiring II doesn't stack with another Inspiring II. If you arent running Vero front, Shura-Luka would be the best assist combination, if Lev has less than around 225% crit without active. If Lev hits 225% crit without Active and Luka totem, Carpilla would be better.


    • Hiiamjackyang
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      oh thanks a lot.I always thought that they are different skills... not even able to realize that they are the same :-( . Still not sure if i should take out Vero or not because Charging Song is such a good skill and most of the team is thunder. Not sure if its worth it. And if i use Luka, should i take Glab off of Lev since that her active will be somewhat wasted with it? After i add up all the crit, my Lev will only reach 205% crit. Is that enough ( or close to be)? Anyhow, all my thanks for making me realize that they both have inspiring II. That will change my team a lot.

    • bobk
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      Vero is a good midline as well, because Reflex totem, and Charging song is a global so Lev will still get it.
      Lev generally likes to run SHoT or ES. Glab is ok, but he already has good pen options.
      I'd probably say run Lev-Luka-Shura