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    Hello everybody,
    Currently I use Ravian as striker (I like her so much) and cause since the beginning I had (Dale(ace) – Zibroi - Ravian) composition that had work pretty well. Since the nerf from assists I had to rework ravian to reflex instead of 2HKO because the lack of power. Also my backlane, although having Zibroi lacks everything. So I would ask for a properly mid field that can bring the ball back in front and a backline that is able to get through too. Nowadays I find quite difficult to go past backline more than once. I get recently Victoria, so I plan to use her in front line instead of Silla, then I would need a proper (Ace), which I don´t know who to use.

    My team looks like:
    Silla (Ace) (50,2spu) Milky Way(60) Ravian (70,5spu,+160)
    Dale (60,2spu,+160) Beth (60,5spu,+160) Lilith (50, 1spu)
    Anael (50) Avnore(50) Kiki (50, 2spu)
    Zibroi (60,5spu,+160) (Sup) Cyntia (50)
    Other players:

    Ardor: Victoria, Lucian, Angela, Bora (6*), Elaine, Kevin, Jacob, Nari, Sue
    Light: Celus, Cassiel, Crocell, Mariel, Virgil
    WW: kirin, Elizabeth, Kaidormu, Zhen Long (6*), Miho, Princess Meiran
    Thunder: Bell (Currently working on her. Get her recently), Griffith, Luka (2spu), Guinevere, Nute, Iggy, Jury, Veronica, Nerua, Vann
    Dark: Jeunese, Vitos, Lucid, Niarose, Malcolm, Black Daisy, Alkyde, Fontus, Lynbell

    If you think there is someone that I don´t own but worth to mention (Magnus…) don´t hesitate to tell. Although I know that with some extraordinary legends I will do much better, but I´m not really that lucky like the people I have to face.

    Really appreciate your comments, your time and your advice. And sorry for my english

    Best regards

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    Bora, Ravian, and Lucid are all really good strikers, though I'd say Lucid is probably the better PVE striker, and Ravian the better PVP. Just from a quick glance, I'd say...
    Silla (Ace) | Elaine | Ravian/Lucid/Bora
    Victoria | Beth | Milky Way
    Kiki | P. Meiran/Bell | Miho
    Zibroi | Niarose supp

    You do have a bit of flexibility though, such as Zhen Long can mostly replace Milky Way as the infinite attacker and probably several other replacements could be made, unfortunately it's late here and I may not be thinking straight so use at your own caution lol.


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      Your Ravian is already invested, so she's the obvious striker choice. Zibroi is unfortunately crap, but you have Angela so that's a good investment. Lucian would also be a lot better.
      For players you don't have, Isilla pairs well with Virgil, who is still pretty busted and should be on your team. But really just get a better GK.
      Something I actually love is Mariel (with EE) paired with Ravian on frontline. MoE is a good totem for Ravian, and Erosion goes well with Gravity Down.

      So I would definitely use something like
      Kevin-Virgil-Kiki (or Kevin-Miho-Virgil)
      Angela, Milky Sup.

      Milky is a good support option because she can go anywhere and be a benefit.


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        I will make sure to try them both, and see what shows better results. Ty for your feedbacks