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Spirit Stones on Shanti?

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  • Spirit Stones on Shanti?

    This is pertaining to her unique stones - I've been considering 2 different but similar sets and I'd like an opinion:
    Green Crit-Blue rec. Pass-WoM- Red crit dmg Prism


    Green crit-Blue Rec. Pass-Balmung-Blue rec. Pass prism

    The WoM version would provide more crit, especially over time, and likely net more consistent damage in the long run against stack buffs like Silk. The Balmung version provides better straight damage, but could have crit issues against certain GK.

    As of now I'm leaning towards the Balmung, as my WoM is in use, and Sundering Winds can help deal with Silk. I'm just curious on how other Shanti users find her crit.

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    Don't fall for the Balmung meme, unless you use Elaine+Shura.
    A good combo is Blue Pen, WoM, Green crit dmg/green pen and Red Crit damage prism.


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      That seems like it'd struggle with crit, depending on your line setup. Like I already have crit issues with my current striker (Vitos) which is the entire reason I'm thinking of switching, and Vitos is running 3 crit stones. Sure, Shanti essentially has equal crit on her 2nd shot thanks to WoM and SW, but not crit ting the first shot could be a killer.