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    Hey guys so recently I just created a mono thunder team and I am in desperate need on what stones to equip for my players.
    The players in my formation:
    Iggy-Veronica-Lukia(not the passer Luka)

    P.s I also have Luka ,Beta , Blade and Vayne and Frejya
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    There is a tab in "Book" which lists all of the stones. Take a look at each one and pick out which ones you think will work best and ask more specific questions later.

    A lot of players have a very limited stone builds which you can easily find yourself. Racklet who has 3 blue slots is a great example. Out of the 12 blue stones only 3 are viable for her role as a GK; HP, Def, and Dmg Reduction. This is something you can do and then maybe ask a more specific question like what would be the best stone to put into her rainbow slot.


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      If you're factoring in unique stones, pretty much everyone besides Carpilla and Raklett here would be happy with SHoT. To go more in-depth, though, I'll cover the characters I use.

      Griffith- 2 WW slots is ew. Her best unique options are Dragon Bone, Earth Cry, and SHoT. Glab also works. No unique, you'd probably want blue rec. Pass, green crit, green crit dmg, blue rec. Pass prism. She needs crit help.

      Lynia- She's not a great frontliner tbh. Again, she likes SHoT, FTS or ES is also a good choice. No unique, blue crit, blue pen, dark crit dmg/dark aspd, prism can vary but I like dark crit dmg.

      Iggy- Her Stone slots are actually pretty good for her. Blue crit, blue pen or crit dmg, green crit dmg or steal, and Dark crit dmg or green steal prism. Again, SHoT is a good option, Earth Cry can help her some as well.

      Nerua- She's a defender first and foremost, so blue Defense is almost a must to increase her coop rate. There aren't many green stones she needs, green aspd or Steal work, as does green crit dmg. Light can be reflex or crit. She likes WoM and makes a decent TW.

      Raklett- Her Stone slots are pretty bad. Blue Def, Blue HP, and blue decrease damage are about all she has going for her. Absolutely needs Star Tears. A great choice is to reroll one of her stone slots (lv70) and pray for Ardor or WW. Prism should be blue Def.

      As for the team itself, I'd ditch Lukia, put Lynia at RM, and put Luka at RF, as her crit totem helps Griffith. I'd also ditch Iggy, move Cynthia to her spot, and put Freyja at LB.

      Luka and Carpilla both have a Red slot, so 1 can use SC and the other can use IC. I'd use IC on Carpilla.

      I don't know Freyja well but if I'm right about her slots being 2 blue 1 dark, Blue def, Calm Icicle, and Dark aspd with dark aspd prism is probably what I'd do. Don't know what to use over Icicle if no unique, probably blue crit to help spirit gen.
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