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Utility or OHKO?

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  • Utility or OHKO?

    Have a question after recent patch. Is it too early to ask who is the best striker to use on my team?
    At the moment I changed Sharr for Vitos from advice on this forum, but before i fully invest in him i wanted to ask if that is the best choice after this patch. I feel like utility strikers do more damage now since it is impossible to 1-shot a GK nowadays. Also with the 2 min active on utility strikers someone like Ravian can easily get the stacks needed with steals and active is up again. Thoughts?

    Also wanted to know if I am using best setup of my players. Recently changed Lucian out for Angela, Magnus out for Kevin, and Sharr for Vitos as mentioned.

    My team:
    Silla(Ace) - Luka - Vitos
    Victoria - Linmay - Beth
    Kevin - Virgil - Kiki - Silk(Supp)
    gk: Angela

    In lodgings:
    Dark: Lilith, Dale, Lucifer, Damien
    Light: Chitose, Sammy, Sky, Black Ivy, Hiro
    WW: P. Meiran, Kirin, Magnus, Saramir, Miho, V. Bird, Enthia, Irre
    Thunder: Hildegaard, Lynia, Veronica, Beta, Nikita
    Ardor: Jean, Jacob, Renee, Sharr, Lucius

    Thanks in advance.