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  • Transfer ticket?

    So this is great oportunity to recycle virgil.... question is where should i spend hi powerups?

    I focus maily on light with leventor striker...

    1. Latios. After buff she is pretty good and must have totem in light...
    2. Black ivy.... her ee can come soon an she can be pretty op, but trend say she get nerf soon...
    3. Skye.... as second passer she can work pretty good..... she is not OP but her pass can be amazing....
    4. Yuri... one of strongest in game totem.... i already have her full spu and she is better than kiki in sammy ace team....
    5. Mariel... she is medi core leqder but have original skill and good ace....
    6. Utsiel - why the hell no???? she is so bad but when get no.... this is just bad joke....
    7. Milky Way... i didnt see a reason to do that....
    8. Silk - OP
    9. Linmay - Perfect healer + totem + forward pass

    Thx for ideas...

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    If your main striker is Latios, then obviously I would say better give Virgil's power-up to her. If no, then I would give it to Sky or Milky Way.


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      Honestly, i have no idea where to use it on my account perhaps will hold it and give it in the future. But for you friend KALOR i think the best is either Sky or Latios. Some people may have make fun of her or only think of her for healing purposes but she can do quite good damage while healing. To wait for black ivy's EE is not bad but at the moment Virgil is very strong even with the recent nerf. No matter what you choose be careful and good luck!

      P.S I haven't got it yet because i'm at work and hope before i head home and check it to be unlimited please due to future changes e.t.c


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        Thanks for ideas... my team is already maxed all +160 full spu i play this game from begin ...

        Leventor Veronica Silla
        Victoria Sammy Beth
        Kiki Chitose Mikael
        + player is anael

        But my second maxed striker is beatrice,,,, what about use ticket on her to transfer points to latios???


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          Seems better if u're playing thunder / light. If u play against a WW team u will be able to change easy.


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            i decide transfer from beatrice to Sharr my light team have alredy too many maxed players and soon i have 11 maxed light so it is the matter of time.... thunder light is not for me i dont like thunder players they are not so pretty....