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Back to the game, help me with a Team please

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  • Back to the game, help me with a Team please

    Hello People!! Im back to the game, help me with a Team please, my 5* and 6* players:
    - Ardor: Victoria, Shu, Renee and Yuri.
    - Whirlwind: Vermillion Bird.
    - Light: Mariel, Leah, Chitose and Cassiel.
    - Dark: Ravian and Asakura.
    - Thunder: Iggy .

    I have this 4*, something which i can keep or sell all?
    - Ardor: Elicia, Yuna, John, Jill, Ari and Yuran.
    - Whirlwind: White Tiger, Rudy, Clarisa, Mira, Wukong, Shairan, and Mimi.
    - Thunder: Rosaria, Meg, Juno, Marilyn, May, Z225 Ramia and Z088 Jackson.
    - Light: Blue Dragon, Sirius, Didi, Cecily and Selpina.
    - Dark: Constance, Labella, Min, Elliot, Nevantes, Ray and Durahan.

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    Hmm... hard to build a team here, no real GK option and while you have a Striker, you don't have much to support her.

    Best I can say here, depending on the evolution Levels of the chatacters, would be something like

    Mariel-Renee/White Tiger-Ravian
    ????? For GK

    And support would be best as Yuri, if she's not chosen elsewhere, or Elicia.

    But you really need a GK.


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      I have the 3* Mute xD


      • Toy Masamune
        Toy Masamune commented
        Editing a comment
        Mute is a pretty good gk for a 3* you can use her for a while. Eventually you could use a rival if you can't get a 5* goalkeeper.