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Linmay or Silk?

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  • Linmay or Silk?

    Currently I have Linmay as my CB but I just got Silk so I was wondering which person would be better in the CB position?

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    In CB specifically, Linmay. Silk is a Winger that you want to line up across from a Striker, and Strikers don't usually sit at mid because of 5back.


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      I honestly run both. In my primary team I have Linmay RWM and Silk RB. Probably not the most efficient or effective lineup, as I'm not very good at determining those things,I just want to put all my shiny players on the same team lol.


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        Well we would need you full team formation and guys silk can be used as center back so she can steal using her spd buff from not taking damidge it is a different style of silk but limay can not cd as it just makes no sens


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          This is my formation. I have Linmay in my inventory rn.


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            Erm... that's terrifying to even look at.

            IMO Linmay is still the better option here, as Niarose and Anael both appreciate Inspiring to help them linebreak. However, based on your overall team structure, Linmay would benefit you more at CF, or as support, to move around in front of an opponents' line breaker and boost crit of all of those damn strikers.