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  • Mono-Ardor?

    So recently i was going through my card list and realized i could make a mono-Ardor team. Pictured below i have a screenshot of what my ardor team looks like as well as what my main team looks like.

    I like the ardor team as the front and back-line work decently with each other but im unsure of the mid-line. I could use any tips on moving players around or any replacements for my current positions. Unfortunately, the only other ardor player i have is Sharr. Any recommendations on who i should put as Ace would be helpful as well.

    On the other hand, my main rainbow team has gone a long way with me but i feel as if its starting to cap out. Could this be due to my lack of ST'ing my players? But Im sure i could further improve this team if i change around the players. I've also noticed that its lacking in reflexes.

    Here are some other players i have that could possibly replace some players currently on my team.

    WW: Neraizel, Irru

    Ardor: William, Angela, Lucian, Kevin, Jacob

    Thunder: Luka, Cynthia, Hildegard, Blade, Nikita, Griffith, Beta, Butcher

    Light: Anael, Uriel, Black Ivy, Cassiel, Mikael

    Dark: Lucifer, Ravian


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    The lack of Lia is a killer here, as she's your premier option for CM. Roina is more suited to backline breaker than CM, and Lucian is a rather meh defender. A mid like Jacob-Lia-Yuri or Victiria-Lia-Jacob would be preferential for mono Ardor, with Roina-Kevin-Dairy Queen backline. Front isn't gonna improve much as you already have William-Renee, so your last option would probably be Elicia as she makes a decent front totem, though she's a 4*. Support would depend on needs I guess but Erica or Shu would work, Yuri is also a good option if she's not in use elsewhere, as she can improve any line you put her on. Ace should be Roina.

    For your main team, Beatrice isn't a great striker right now. She's not bad, either, mind, but you could improve at Striker. Definitely need another CM, Rasiel is a neat totem but she'll often want to attack and CM is not the friendliest place to be attacking into unless you're rolling 2k+ ref. I'd recommend throwing an assist at CM for now (Of the options you have on hand I'd go with Neraizel). Zhen Long is bad, I'd use Kevin If EE as support, or Black Ivy if Kevin isn't EE. Your backline is ok, though it lacks a bit defensively. If you could get Magnus over Kiki that'd be greatm


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      holy...this was informative. ill definitely consider all of it. Lets just hope i get some lucky draws now lol. Thanks a bunch bobk!