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Please help me, should i change to WW/thunder?

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  • Please help me, should i change to WW/thunder?

    Please help me with my team
    I am struggling if i continue to build rainbow or go to WW/thunder team

    Here's my current team
    Nari / neraizel (e) / sharr (ee, teranox, lv60)
    Victoria (e, EoG) / p.meiran (ee, lv60) / bell (ee, lv60)
    Nikita (e) / magnus (e) / kiki (ee, earth cry, lv60)
    Jin (ee, lv60) [eden support]

    My other team
    Ardor: lia
    Ww: shanti, vivid fear, vermillon bird, samasir
    Thunder: lynia, nerua, veronica, cynthia, iggy, blade, haru, vann
    Light: black ivy, chitose, hercules, kei, virgil, crocell, silla, casiel, mariel, mikael, leah
    Dark: dale, malcolm, avnore, lucifer, ravian, lynbell, jheet, zibroi

    Is it worth it to invest to shanti over sharr? Please help me, i dont want to invest to wrong player again

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    In Club Apocalypse, we build to win, simple. Its not about rainbow or hybrid ww/thunder.
    Its about building a winning team. I have no idea why people are always going for elemental builds.

    Sharr and Shanti, both are capable of helping you reach Galaxy League.
    But to build a good PvP sharr, you need stones with OP substats.
    Overall, its better to build Sharr since she dominates PvE and is decent in PvP.
    I would recommend to invest in Sharr atm.

    Based on the players that you have, my recommended team formation for PvP would be:

    Nari Silla (ace) Sharr
    Victoria Neraizel Bell
    Kiki Virgil Black Ivy Magnus