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  • Eden Replacement

    The title kind of summarizes this. I use Eden at LM, and while she's been good to me for a long time, she's also proven to be a bit meh due to not providing a reflex buff, and not being terribly strong. So I'm looking for a suitable LM replacement.

    Currently my mid is Eden-Linmay-Lynia. My current replacement options are Bell (who is currently my backline breaker, and would need to be replaced herself) and Meiran (I don't like her Inspiring II being useless because of Linmay, but she is a good candidate). I'd love a Victoria or Duke but dont have them.

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    You can always scout/draw Victoria. If you only need reflex, that would be the best choice. If you don't find a suitable reflex totem though, you can try to aim for a unit which decreases the enemy line's reflexes, like Alice.

    Moving Bell to mid would make your lane a lot more stronger but if you don't have any onther line breaker in the back... Well, let her where she is for the moment.


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      I do have Yuri as a possible line breaker on back, but then I have to replace her in front. I've also got a Mikael somewhere, but I loathe his reflexes... or lack thereof.

      I'd love to find a Victoria, but I've never seen her in Scouts. I regret not grabbing her from that 5* reveal event, but she showed up Day 3 and I thought I might be able to find something better. (Which I didn't but oh well)

      Reflex isn't the only thing I want. I'd prefer someone moderately strong for when Lynia has a bad matchup, or someone that directly gives Lynia some other form of support, like Duke, or Lilith or Veronica. Victoria just happens to be, imo,the best option of those that I have a decent chance of actually getting.


      • KineticTenshi
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        Veronica is probably not the best choice, you won't get any reflex buff from her because you already have Linmay. Having two attacker in mid is not very good too, so... You may move Bell to LM and then put Mika in the back. He has an HP buff and is pretty good, mine have been performing well, so that could be a temporary solution.

      • bobk
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        I'll keep that in mind. Have to finish EE on Mikael this week, I'm short a few Elementals. More HP for Lucian can never hurt, but iirc Army Mark gives HP/Atk/Ref? Which will hurt as my backline has low crit.

        And yeah I always forget that Veronica won't stack with Linmay. Why does literally everyone with Inspiring get Inspiring II?