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iTunes/ Google Play In-App Purchase Issues

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  • iTunes/ Google Play In-App Purchase Issues

    1. My purchase went through but I don’t see it in the game!

    Please wait at least 24 hours for the in-app purchase to flow through to the game. If you are still missing the items after waiting,
    then you will need to contact our Customer Support through email at

    They will need the following information:
    -Hive ID
    -Google Checkout email address
    -Google Order Number ( OR
    -Screenshot of your entire iTunes Purchase History ( Section D)
    -Name of Game

    Please provide all the requested information to get a faster resolution!

    2. I already emailed Customer Support but I haven’t gotten a response yet!

    We hear you and we would like to assist all users the same day of getting the email but unfortunately there is a high volume of
    inquiries and there may be a slight delay to a response. Kindly understand that our Customer Support answers all users but it may
    take at least 3-5 business days for a reply. If you forget to add the requested information in the email, there may be added delay as
    the Customer Support is waiting for the missing information to further assist you.

    Also, making multiple tickets for the same inquiry is not recommended. Please be patient and know that our Customer Support team
    is doing their best to help you.

    3. I can't purchase Crystals in the game!

    If you cannot purchase gems within the game, please try the following steps:
    • check that you are logged in with a valid Google/ iTunes account
    • check that you have a valid payment method set up for the Google/iTunes account
    • check with your bank/credit card that there are no restrictions
    • update your iTunes/ Google Play Store application

    If you are still encountering a purchase issue after trying all the steps above, please contact our Customer Support along with
    details about what happens on-screen when you try to buy the Crystals.

    4. There are unintentional or unauthorized purchases on my account

    We ask our players to be cautious about sharing devices and we recommend putting a password on the device to prevent
    unauthorized purchases. Unfortunately we cannot undo or change a purchase that has already been made, and we cannot refund for this situation.
    To avoid any unintentional or unauthorized purchases in the future, please make sure that:
    • Your iTunes/Google account password is safe and secure
    • You have restricted in-app purchases by opening the Google Play app, going to ‘Settings’ and checking the ‘Password’ box
    • If someone else is using your device, please consider making a separate User profile for them by going to Settings > Users > Add user, then follow the on-screen instructions

    5. I accidentally purchased an item/ I want a refund!

    As with most downloadable software products, Crystals bought in Wonder Tactics are non-refundable. We cannot credit users
    for an accidental purchase in the game.

    6. Can I purchase using something other than iTunes/Google?

    At this time, users can only purchase through iTunes or Google using a credit card but we will try to add more payment methods
    in the future, so please stay tuned!

    Thank you for reading. If you are encountering a different payment issue in the game, please contact our
    Customer Support at

    They will get back to you as soon as possible!