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[Event] Summoners War Halloween Event

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  • [Event] Summoners War Halloween Event

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    Hello Summoners,

    Happy Halloween!We've prepared lots events for you to enjoy this Halloween!

    Check below for more details!

    Event 1. Halloween Candies (Power-up Stones)
    Schedule: From Oct. 19th 12am PDT - Nov. 1st 7am PST
    - You will be able to acquire Candies that will help you Power-up your Runes during the event!
    - Get 20 Energy for the first Candy you find everyday!
    - Don't forget that you can also get Energy Refunds by using 50 Energy, so be sure not to miss out!
    [Event Details]

    Event 2. Surprise Dungeons!
    Schedule : From Oct. 23rd 12pm - Nov. 2nd 12pm (Based on the server time)
    - Meet the 1 - 2★ Dark/Light Monsters at the Secret Dungeons which will be available during Halloween!
    - Also, don't forget to clear the Secret Dungeon for Frankenstein(Wind) which will be available only during the event!

    * Summon certain Secret Dungeon Monsters and get additional rewards!
    [Event Details]

    Event 3. Angelmon/Rainbowmon/Devilmon Dungeons!
    Schedule: Oct. 31st 12am - Nov. 2nd 12am (Based on the server time)
    - Angelmon/Rainbowmon/Devilmon Dungeons will be available during this period! Enjoy!

    Event 4. Unlimited Energy & Doubled EXP/Mana Stones
    Schedule: Oct, 31st 12am - Nov. 2nd 12am (Based on the server time)
    - For limited times during the period mentioned above, you will be granted unlimited Energy and be able to acquire doubled EXP and Mana Stones!

    1) Schedule for Unlimited Energy
    From Oct, 31st 6pm - 7pm (Based on the server time)
    - All actions except the Trial of Ascension and Dimensional Rift will cost 0 Energy!

    2) Doubled EXP & Mana Stones
    From Oct. 31st - Nov. 1st, the Doubled EXP & Mana Stones will be available during the following times.
    - Doubled EXP: 8am - 9am (Based on the server time)
    - Doubled Mana Stones: 11pm - 12am (Based on the server time)
    * Boosters will not stack up with the event.
    * The Boosters will be deactivated during the Doubled EXP or Doubled Mana Stone time.



  • #2
    Last year we got Dark Grim Reaper and Dark Werewolf... this year we get _WIND_ Frankenstein and Light Low Elemental?? I was kinda looking forward to what Dark (or Light) SD you guys were going to give us... oh well, looked forward for nothing.

    Rest of the event looks nice though.


    • DerickJose
      DerickJose commented
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      i totally agree, com2us has been playing ****ing stupid, they should get the people addicted offering lots of stuff like the new chinese serve which offers 10x better stuff than com2us.

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    Wouldn't it be better to have a dark Frankenstein instead of a wind one? I mean it is a Halloween Event and the correct theme is Dark. It's like wearing a wedding dress at a funeral. Com2us please get with the theme.


    • #4
      3* Wind unit for Faimon fodder. I am happy.


      • #5
        Whats it mean when it says "You must summon all 6 monsters to get the reward"? What reward?


        • Makisaad
          Makisaad commented
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          I farm B7 and got 14 high fire essences to awaken my Tesarion in one day with no refills your luck must suck

        • XEthanx
          XEthanx commented
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          How do you awake Tesarion with 14 high essences? Assuming you are lucky enough to get 14 high essences per day, it would still require at least 2 days, meaning 2 weeks since the dungeons only open one day per week.

          And it is NOT always 14 high essences per day without recharging energy, since the drop rate is random sometime it is more than average while something it is less. Typically it would take around 2 full day farming for 20 high elemental essences from B7, and with that amount of time we can do a lot of other things. Dont give a best case and assume it is a norm.

        • reindeer
          reindeer commented
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          14 high essences a day with no refills is awesome luck.
          I'm surprised u don't know that after playing the game all this while...

          I play 5 accounts. I would estimate 8-10 high essences from b7 a day without refills is the average. Sometimes I get 15 in less than half a day, but lets not talk about blue moons.
          Last edited by reindeer; 10-18-2015, 07:27 PM.

      • #6
        So what's the reward after we summon all those 2 star fodders?


        • #7
          Only 1 hour of unlimitted energy in the whole event at the most inconvenient time slot when most of players are having dinner or preparing for dinner or on the way home from work/school or preparing for Halloween night.

          Can we have 2 hours of unlimitted energy per day for 3 days at convenient time slots like burning time event instead? Thanks.


          • #8
            Apart from some sloppy things (Wind Frankie? Dark at the very least. Free energy 6-7PM? Do you have a life or not?) looks like a fun and rewarding event.

            Thumb up from me.


            • reindeer
              reindeer commented
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              Wind is so out of the way. Something 'dark' would only make sense.

          • #9
            I'm a little dissappointed. C2U used to give players usefull monsters (Jultan, Thrain, Acasis, Aria) and now it's just some gadgets. After that hard HoH it's kinda not enough cool event. And still power up stones are always welcomed (devilmons also).


            • reindeer
              reindeer commented
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              yeah...i love that time-limited mob idea. So proud of my walking santa girl.

            • Cajuputi
              Cajuputi commented
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              And how many cool monster is there to satisfy your demand?
              If they giving you dark harpy for halloween, would you be happy?

              It might be good to get nice monster from event for current players but they might be thinking for long term. Old players getting all nice free monsters and making gap with new players becoming wider and wider.

            • vanghern
              vanghern commented
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              C2U is rewarding new players all the time and Veteran players gets nothing. Well, not only gets nothing, but now they lose money thanks to nerfed dragon drop.

          • #10
            oh man... i missed the first halloween event. Please bring jultan back... ~_~

            Wind franky doesn't even make sense. At least throw in the dark one, or jultan.
            Last edited by reindeer; 10-17-2015, 06:24 AM.


            • #11
              My alt pulled jultan from Wishing Well yesterday, no Jultan from halloween please haha, main already has him from last years halloween.


              • #12
                No Jultan?


                • #13
                  Dont Cry !

                  The Special Price for collecting all Monsters in this Event will be a 4Star Dark Jack-o-lantern.

                  Its almost logic.


                  • Canc
                    Canc commented
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                    Updated Event says it's just 1 MS and mana stone LOL

                • #14
                  Stop complaining there is lots to do for this event and devilmon!


                  • #15
                    Halloween Candies = Double chance of losing Mana stones