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Effect rate and activation rate

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  • Effect rate and activation rate

    Hi, the Effect Accuracy stat affect the Ability Activation rate too?

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    Effect accuracy only effects debuffs landing. Depending on which skill, you'll need to meet the prerequisite for activation.


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      Then the Effect Accuracy stat doesn't affect the abilities that have a activation rate (passive including)?


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        what example were you looking at ?


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          Effect accuracy affect the "Rotation" Ability of Flashwing?


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            Rotation skill: 30% chance to [decrease skill cooldown time by 1s] when an ally is attacked.

            So, for this skill to activate, the prerequisite is to be attacked. Effect accuracy only effects debuffs landing, and this skill doesnt require a debuff, so you can safely disregard building effect accuracy for this skills activation.


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              Therefore the effect accuracy doesn't influence the effect chance?

              type Deconstruction Laser and Ro-Bow Rampage of Ro-Bow?


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                SKILL Destruction Laser: Fires a laser at an enemy and casts [Parts] for 3 turns.
                PASSIVE Ctrl+Alt+Defeat: 60% chance to transform into a giant drill when a target is under [Parts] or casting the effect on.

                Effect accuracy will effect this skill as its trying to apply a debuff and also activate his passive. I believe if the casting misses this would not activate the passive.

                SKILL Ro-Bow Rampage: Launches a blitz attack on an enemy. 50% chance to gain [ATK UP] for 3 turns when attacking Life or Earth element opponents.

                Effect accuracy will not effect Ro-Bow Rampage skill activation as there are no debuff prerequisites for activating this skill.

                Hope this helps your understanding.
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                  Ok. Thank you


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                    your welcome.

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                  Forgive me, another two explanation:

                  1) Effect accuracy can alter only debuff on enemies and not buff on ally?

                  -Shadow Spyro-
                  Shadow Dragon's Fire: Launches a fire ball at an enemy and casts EFFECT ACC DOWN for 3 turns. (ok for effect accuracy?)
                  Ibex's Wrathful Charge: Charges at an enemy and removes 2 buffs. Gains EFFECT RES UP for 2 turns. (not affected from effect accuracy?)
                  Spyro's Earth Pound: Flies above an enemy and removes 2 debuffs on all allies. Gains EFFECT RES UP for 2 turns. (not affected from effect accuracy?).

                  2) Splat : Gain Mystery when she inflict a critical hit or when she suffers a critical hit?


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                    correct for shadow spyro. for splat, the passive is activated on chance when she hits with a critical hit.


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                      thank you bro