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    . : Quick Notes : .
    - This is only a guide and only the opinion of myself an no one else.
    - Elemental advantage means 20% more damage given and 20% less damage taken. Disadvantage is reverse.
    - Hotdogs heal power is based on his atk power, so the harder he hits the more he heals.
    - Use Brocolli ASAP, even if he doesnt get a heal out, he still takes a hit which is one less hit your team takes.
    - Keep in mind elemental disadvantages, use soft aggro to distract the enemy whilst your advantage dps nuke.
    - If you cant auto, manual.

    ** EFFECT LIST **

    ACC DWN ---------------------------------------------------- Accuracy -30%
    ACC UP ------------------------------------------------------- Accuracy +30%
    ATK DWN ----------------------------------------------------- ATK PWR -40%
    ATK UP -------------------------------------------------------- ATK PWR +30%
    BEAST --------------------------------------------------------- Enhances certain skills while effect is active
    BLESS --------------------------------------------------------- Immunity from dmg except dmg from effects (e.g EXPLODE)
    BLIND ---------------------------------------------------------- Sets attack accuracy rate to 0
    BLOCK DMG DWN ---------------------------------------- Block dmg -20%
    BLOCK DMG UP ------------------------------------------- Increased BLOCKED dmg amount by +30%
    BLOCK RATE DWN --------------------------------------- Block chance -40%
    BLOCK RATE UP ------------------------------------------ Chance to Block +30%
    BONUS HIT --------------------------------------------------- Gains an extra attack if prerequisites are met for activation
    CRIT DMG UP ----------------------------------------------- CRIT dmg +40%
    CRIT RATE DWN ------------------------------------------- CRIT rate -40%
    CRIT RATE UP ---------------------------------------------- CRIT rate +30
    DEBUFF CONTAGION ----------------------------------- Transfers a debuff onto opponent
    DEF DWN ----------------------------------------------------- DEF -50% + 100 points
    DEF UP -------------------------------------------------------- DEF +30% and 100 points
    DIMINISH ------------------------------------------------------ Dmg is 10% of casters ATK PWR
    DISRUPT ------------------------------------------------------ Interrupts an opponent while charging up skill (can be resisted)
    DRAIN ---------------------------------------------------------- Recovers 20% of dmg dealt as HP
    EFFECT ACC DWN --------------------------------------- Effect Accuracy -40%
    EFFECT ACC UP ------------------------------------------ Effect Accuracy +30%
    EFFECT RES DWN --------------------------------------- Effect Resistance -40%
    EFFECT RES UP ------------------------------------------ Effect Resistance +30%
    ELECTRIC SHOCk ---------------------------------------- Endurance -1 when taking dmg
    EVASION DWN --------------------------------------------- Evasion -30%
    EVASION UP ------------------------------------------------ EVASION +20%
    EXPLODE ----------------------------------------------------- Places a bomb on an enemy. Explode dmg in relation to ATK PWR
    EYE OF STORM ------------------------------------------- ATK PWR and DEF +10%
    FOCUS -------------------------------------------------------- Decrease skill cooldown time by 5s while active
    FREEZE ------------------------------------------------------- Increase skill CD by 3s
    GET AGGRO ------------------------------------------------ Forces all opponents to attack the toon with this buff
    GOLDENIZE ------------------------------------------------- Cannot use skills for 2 turns
    HEAL ----------------------------------------------------------- Gain a certain amount of HP in relation to dmg unless otherwise stated
    HEAL DWN -------------------------------------------------- Recovery -60%
    HEAL UP ----------------------------------------------------- Recovery increased by 50% when healed
    HORROR ----------------------------------------------------- Unable to Block or Evade
    HOURGLASS ----------------------------------------------- Restores HP over time to the point when hourglass was cast
    HP REGEN -------------------------------------------------- Heal is 15% of casters ATK PWR
    INITIATE ------------------------------------------------------- Starts a hit counter in relation to passive skill. Shown by a clock icon
    INVINCIBLE -------------------------------------------------- Removes all debuffs and nullifies all dmg
    KNOCKED DOWN ---------------------------------------- Endurance reduced to 0, becoming inactive for 3 turns
    MYSTERY ---------------------------------------------------- Decreases duration of effects when inflicted with harmful effects
    PARTS --------------------------------------------------------- Increases duration of effect when inflicted with harmful effects
    POISON ------------------------------------------------------- Dmg is 7% of current HP
    REFLECT DMG -------------------------------------------- Reflects 50% of the dmg you recieve back to the caster
    REJUVENATE ---------------------------------------------- Continiously heals in proportion to target's max HP
    RESERVE REVIVAL ------------------------------------- Revive with 30% HP
    SHARE DMG ----------------------------------------------- Shares dmg between whoever has the effect active
    STEAL BUFFS --------------------------------------------- Steal buffs from an enemy and gains the effect(s)
    SHIELD ------------------------------------------------------- Create a shield 15% of HP (displayed by a white bar above HP)
    STEALTH ----------------------------------------------------- Hidden from single target attacks only, CRIT rate and EVASION +30%
    STRENGTH ------------------------------------------------- Restores Endurance over time
    STUN ---------------------------------------------------------- Cannot use skill for a while
    TARGET ------------------------------------------------------ Becomes a target to restore attackers HP
    TRANSFORM ---------------------------------------------- Transforms into another figure for a fixed time
    UNRECOVERABLE -------------------------------------- Cannot be healed by healing skills
    WIDE RANGE DMG DOWN -------------------------- Decreases dmg from AOE by 50%


    - Critical rate for healing occurred too often than intended. Thus, critical rate for healing will be activated by half of the critical rate value.
    → e.g. If [CRIT RATE] is 100%, the actual [CRIT RATE] will be 50%.

    * EXPLODE can still debuff an opponent with BLESS buff
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