Labyrinth Drop Rates:
Absolutely horrible. That’s really all I can say about those. Maybe it’s time to release a B11 and B12. Where b11 only drops 6* and b12 only drops epic and legendary 6* runes. When you get to the point in the game where 7* runes are introduced, they can have a small drop% starting in b11 and b12. This way there is more content to progress through, and people can accept the current state and have something to work towards.

Magic Shop:
Please allow multiple ways of purchasing the items in the shop. It would scale appropriately, but those with a lot of wish stones should be able to use up all of those instead of gold or gems. Or sometimes it may make more sense to use gems if there is a large discount on that particular item.

Bonus Time Events:
Please extend whatever bonus event to include the labyrinths. Some of us want to farm just those and miss out on the events. 2 hours is also not enough time and these events should span for the entire day.

Guild Member Cap:
The guild member cap is too low for the amount of interest in joining the guilds. It also puts a lot of pressure on individuals to always be available for invasions and soon guild wars. Raising the cap to 50 would greatly take off the stress of a member having a family emergency or unable to log in for a day or 2. Right now not having every member at 100% could mean the difference between rank 3 and rank 10.