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  • Ignitor Skill 1 Change

    I've been consistently farming b9 for a little while now, and I have been starting to create a b10 team. One common meta unit for b10 manual teams is ignitor. Why? His kit is absolutely amazing for it on paper! However, many people are having a really hard time creating an auto team. One reason is because of ignitor's high mana cost skills.

    In order to make a safer b10 option out of ignitor, I propose the following:
    Decrease skill 1 mana cost from 4 to 2 (or 4 to 3 and give a -1 mana with skill ups), but not make his initial hit do any damage (kind of like seara in summoners war). Make the bomb the only part of the skill that actually does damage. Doing this should also not trigger a "hit" for the revenge mechanic.

    Thanks for taking the time to at least read my post. Cheers