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[Suggestion] New patch, new rules.

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  • [Suggestion] New patch, new rules.

    Hi guys / Com2Us,

    The new patch is coming, and with it, many changes in the rules of the game.

    With this, many players (me included) are dissatisfied with having invested our resources in elements that will not be so relevant thereafter, for example, invest 300 pieces of a skylanders nat 5 * in raising it to 6 * instead the awaken, which will be the most optimal from next patch, as well as many skills gems invested in Brocoly Guy, which will soon be replaced by Chompy Mage, which will no longer be limited by its level and its stars.

    Because the rules of the game are going to change drastically and we have invested resources difficult to obtain (pieces of skylanders 5 * and skills gems, especially), I think it would be just a reset of skills and pieces of skylanders so that players can decide, with these new rules, where to reinvest our resources.
    I know these changes are difficult to implement, but if you succeed, you will get the infinite gratitude from the community.

    The rest of the patch is awesome, so thank you for all your efforts to make this game great!

    Edit: I had more ideas:

    - Maybe it's so hard to reset all the skills, so a solution could be an option inside the game to restart 1 skill for a cost of gold. You could obtain all the upgrade stones, but not the cost of gold or ores. This allows to solve this problem without abuse the system.

    - Make a system to change soul stones to omnigems of the same rarity, with a ratio of 2:1 (you need 2 omnigems to make 1 soul stone, so actually the ratio will be 4:1 to earn a new soul stone). We have a lot of soul stones without use of those Skylanders at 6*, awakened and +5. It feels really bad when you buy a premium pack and you obtain soul stone of them.

    As always, sorry if I did some mistakes with my English, I know it’s not perfect!

    Thank you again for your attention <3

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    I m agree with SefranGaming