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Aumentar el ratio de aparición de runas 6e en B9

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  • Aumentar el ratio de aparición de runas 6e en B9

    Ya llevo 3 horas recolectando runas en B9 y no me ha tocado ninguna de 6e...

    Alrededor de 500 de energía tirados a la basura, esto comienza a cansar

    Podría haber escrito el post en Ingles, pero visto las malas traducciones del juego al español creo tenéis que aprender un poco de Español

    No es una lectura complicada. Lo he redactado lo mas fácil que he podido.

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    Me temo que solo hay 1 persona a cargo de este foro, por lo que creo que solo se da soporte en inglés.

    - Translation:

    Title: Increase ratio of 6* runes.

    I have been farming B9 during 3 hours and I didn't get any 6* rune, 500 energy invested for nothing, I'm tired of this.

    - My opinion:

    The drop ratio should be bad intentionally to make the progress slower, and I think that's ok. Maybe increasing the amount of gold dropped on dungeons people will be more happy and without that sensation of "I lost xxx energy for nothing", you only earn 150-200 gold per run, and if you sell 4-5* runes, about 600-1200 in total, and you invested 8-9 energy points for that.

    In hard stages, you obtain exp, gold (800-1200), some 5* white runes (usefull before you can do B8, and if you sell the rest of 3*-4*, +270/540 gold per stage, making a total of 1500 gold approximately) and Skylanders soul stones, for the cost of 5 energy. Comparing all this, farm rune dungeons are not fun.

    Maybe introducing different items in the drop beside runes, like elixirs, red potions or something like that could be a nice option too.

    I agree with a general buff for drops in rune dungeons.