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Creating alternate awakened forms that changes a Skylanders gameplay.

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  • Creating alternate awakened forms that changes a Skylanders gameplay.

    I read on Facebook that you are holding a fan art contest for Skylanders and I have an idea on what to do with the left over shards people will collect after they are done with powering up, evolving and awakening skylanders to the max. For this idea I was thinking that you can create alternate awakened forms of Skylanders in-game already and next release skylanders in the future. The twist with this idea is that these alternate awakened forms can change the type of the Skylander to a different type with different stats and different move sets. An example would be Spyro a defense skylander. After unlocking his first original awakened form players can unlock other awakened forms that can change Spyro's type like to attack or expert with different base stats from HP to block damage down and new move sets that compliment the type change. That way players will have an incentive to keep on collecting and saving up on shards to awakened and experiment which type fits both the Skylander and the portal master. When Spyro was announced I was hoping Spyro would be an attack or an expert type but was a little bummed that he was defense type. But with this future update many Skylander fans can change the type of their favorite Skylanders through awakening can have the favorite type of their favorite Skylanders. It's an interesting idea as it gives you the devs to research on skylanders more and figure out all kinds of new and original move sets for the Skylanders. This idea came to me today when I saw the Ring of Heroes fan art competition. I am not an artist so I can't draw what my dreamed awakened form for Spyro would look like. But I can try to give a description of the awakened form if I think of any. Still what I want from you the devs is to read this comment till the end and let it influence you and give you something to think about in the future. As a big Skylanders Fan I have many ways to improve this game for players new and pro alike. Please reply to me after you read this post and tell me what you think that way I know you have read this post. Thank you and have a good day!