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Adding Runes and rune enhancing items

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  • Adding Runes and rune enhancing items

    Hello com2us this is StarDrago25 and I am a huge fan of Skylanders and Skylanders Ring of Heroes. I also played summoners war but I prefer Ring of Heroes because in that game you almost get everything in a guaranteed form of fashion. I have some ideas to help players pro and new alike to advance further in PvP. It all depends if you will read this comment and at least consider my suggestions com2us. For Ring of Heroes I was thinking that in a few months or later you can include a Rune pack as one of the special packs for users to buy and make all the Runes that we get Six star runes and legendary level to complement the purchase. Just like you did for Summoners war with the Rune pack. That way players for are having frustrations or a hard time trying to get the runes they want or need can buy them as in app purchases in the game at a reasonable fair price. It could also encourage players to keep grinding and be patient in getting the runes that they need. Another idea that could be implemented in the future is another idea from summoners war: grindstones and reappraisal stones or something similar to that whatever you decide. And to recap so far I played summoners war for almost 3 years i believe but I rage quit sometimes because I wasted money to much on getting the monsters i need. But ring of heroes is way not like Summoners War and has the potential to be a better game than Summoners war in my opinion. And other idea is that you can upgrade the magic shop that sells soul stones to sell Runes with higher levels or create a Rune Magic Shop theme building that offers a variety of runes and rarities if you know what I am talking about (if not reply and I shall explain again). Back to the topic having a stone that improved sub stats or change sub stats can make a huge difference in the PvP world of Ring of Heroes. I know this is copying an idea from one of your old games but still I believe that would make this game competitive and fun. And to rap this up you can either use this feedback as an inspiration for your next updates or you can piggy back of some ideas from your other games and customize them to your liking. Please consider these ideas because I don't mind buying actual Runes with real money since i did that for summoners war. Thank you for reading this feedback and thank you for making a SkyLanders game. Good luck and never give up on this mobile game!

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    I agree the higher level dungeons and levels are harder with the Skylanders natural stats in fact they should add random runes to the shop that changes every day also