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  • Stop the bulldookie.

    Lets be real here, auto feature is looking like a joke. Why you gonna have an auto mode where they IDLE and not be proactive? Why in auto mode they sit around not even queueing 3 skills at a time? Why we using auto mode and losing in areas where they could win if they would just spam random skills? Why we have an auto mode where it looks like they wanna play tennis instead of playing dodgeball? Why we have an auto mode where they not automatically charging and releasing?

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    seriously what is the problem in auto.. why they wait to use skills


    • 2013Mimis40
      2013Mimis40 commented
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      They have to wait to use their skills until you have enough mana to use them. You may need to look at which units you're using. Generally you want a 1-2 dps units that will use your mana, and a support (whamshell, whirlwind, etc.) or a third dps unit that uses little mana (like spitfire)