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[Repost] How to Fix Your Game Before it Fails -- Please Read

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  • [Repost] How to Fix Your Game Before it Fails -- Please Read

    So first off, congratulations on the global launch I'm sure you all are quite excited with the potential this game has given the fantastic IP you now have access to with the Skylanders franchise. That said, given the current state of the game I believe that post the initial hype and buzz that the game will fall flat for a few reasons...allow me to iterate through them.

    The Combat System

    I believe this will be one the two biggest problems that will gate your success with this game. For starters, this game at its core remains a turn based RPG, similar to other gacha games in the market; this isn't a problem as it does seem that the design team has thought of ways to be creative and unique with what I view to be 3 core concepts: 1) a shared resource pool (Hearthstone style); 2) individual skill cooldowns (MMORPG style); and 3) a unique combo of skill choices that enable player selectivity. That said the shared resource pool AND individual skill cooldowns working together in the game combat system is FUNDAMENTALLY FLAWED. You cannot have both of these mechanics in the same system as you create issues unresponsive downtime and a detrimental play style for everything but a flawed AI auto-battle feature. You disconnect the player from the Skylander heroes, which is a huge issue. See the issue here is that having these both together stifles creative thinking and synergy as you're always up against the clock since the opponent AI will always be pushing buttons faster than you can build a strategy or create team synergy. Not to fear, this is easily fixable...

    Fix #1) Keeping the Shared Resource Pool; Removing Skill Cooldowns - Each team moves in a way similar to hearthstone. The battle starts off with the RNG toss of a coin. The winner goes first; the loser gets an extra mana bubble for their turn. The battle starts with the winner having 2 bubbles and the loser having 3 bubbles. As the battle progresses you ramp to the total of 10 mana over 5 "TEAM TURNS". One team cannot move until the next team finishes their turn. This allows you to allocate mana and combo skills as well as for you not to be penalized for being on manual mode trying to learn your Skylanders vs. an AI system that is moving fast - you won't get stuck in the cycle of enemy constantly attacking while you think up a strategy.

    Fix #2) Keeping Skill Cooldowns; Removing Shared Resource pool - In this fix, all you'd need to to is adjust skill cooldowns to reflect movement as opposed to a unit of time. So for example, a skill with a cooldown of 6 would mean that between your team and the enemy team units that skill wouldn't be able to be used again until any random selection of units moved 6 times in aggregate across both teams. In this fix you'd have to adjust the current cooldowns by a certain factor to promote game flow.

    The Skylander Hero Collection/Usability: The Evolution and Awaken System for Higher Tier Heroes

    This issue is fairly straight-forward. In this game you want to play with a Skylander Hero of your choice for early, mid and late game - whether it be skillset, personal attachment or just general META usability. In the current state of the game Nat 5* units fall off considerably in the later innings of early game and throughout the rest of the game...all the way until super late game. What you're left with is getting pigeonholed into using units you may lot like all because the ability to acquire resources to make them more viable than their Nat 5 counter-parts is second nature and very easy. You force people to choose units out of necessity and not personal choice. This issue is easily fixable.

    The Fix:

    Change the Evolution and Awaken System to be Natural Star dependent. What I mean by this is that each Natural Star level requires less to awaken and evolve vs. the lower star counter-parts. Right now, to evolve ANY unit to 6* you need 100 shards, but the ability to obtain shards is significantly easier for lower star units. So what you can do here is scale the system in such a way that a significantly lower amount of shards is required to max level a nat 5*. The same logic should carry over to awakening. 300 shards of a Nat 5 is beyond late game and would take an insane amount of time to acquire vs. a nat 2/3/4 unit.

    Look, the ultimate choice is yours; however, if you want this game to succeed then at the very minimum the two above issues need to be addressed extremely quickly as your launch window narrows and competition continues to creep in.

    Reposting this to the correct section.