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Guild Requests are nuts!

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  • Guild Requests are nuts!

    Hello, as a guild leader, it is very painful sifting through hundreds of requests findings members for them to join. Some better lifestyle moves would be to just allow the recent requests to be at the top of the screen instead of at the bottom of hundreds of requests. Also, IMO, if the guild is private, do not allow that guild to be requested by anyone, but by those that know the name of the guild only and have to search to guild.

    Just two points that I think are needed, but definitely the first point because those requests are crazy and I hate spending time scrolling and scrolling.

    Lastly, side not, I think one guild is abusing the "kicked" feature to be a top guild by kicking members after they donate and accepting new members. This is raising the guild level and allowing more energy and gold from guild check in.

    Thanks and I hope you take my points into consideration!