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FTP players could really use some help

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  • FTP players could really use some help

    I was really hoping that with the new patch that there would be an event to follow like with the last one. Especially since it’s the start of the month. I was wondering if you could have a more routine schedule for these and what would be best is a new one starting each week on a day we know.

    I’m at a point in the game where there just aren’t enough gems for energy and I can’t even really play anymore. The 800-1000 gems I get from the PVP arena each Monday will last me a couple days but after that I can only rely on the little bit from the refreshes and the collector. I would bet I’m not the only one struggling to play the game. The event rewards would be the only thing allowing any FTP player to even play more than 20 minutes a day.

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    Thanks for mentioning this!'re not alone in feeling this way. Let's hope it gets addressed soon! ^^