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  • A few suggestions

    Hey here are a few suggestions I would have after playing for a couple weeks.

    - Notifications after battle ending (vibrate), should be adjusted when on auto 10x to only notify when the full 10 are complete and not between each match. I have had to disable the notification simply because it was annoying and not providing any actual information as to when I should look at my phone to start the match again.

    - Wish stones shouldn’t summon potions or villains. I can’t express how annoying that is. Plus they are way to easily farmed and after 2 weeks I have close to 2,000 copies of some. There is no way they will ever need that many copies.

    - PvP gears should increase as your level, similar to the energy. Maybe not as high, but if I’m level 30, then I should at least get 10.

    - Events are too long, or don’t make sense. A weekly attendance event should mean that each week it resets, no? Why was the 7 day event not reset after the 7 days? The Eons event one is ridiculously long for a time to complete. An event like that should be a weekly, and at the end of the week it goes away and replaced by something else. Basically events should either take place over a weekend, or over a full week and then a new one takes it’s place. The rewards alone would solve my below suggestion on energy/gem problem.

    - Energy/Gems need to be sorted out. Once you get through the first 2 quest lines, gems become almost impossible to get and the amount of energy you need to farm, means that if you don’t actually buy gems, you cant play the game any longer than 20-30 minutes a day since energy refreshes to slow. Allowing wish stones to be used to purchase energy, or having an extra dungeon that allows you to harvest gems/energy would help as well.

    - Other than the odd shard request, guilds are useless. As a similar tone, add guild events. Maybe weekend ones which will increase guild communication and have people actually feel part of a team. The current guild missions are “meh” at best.

    - For the love of god fix your difficulty settings in adventures. If I’m on easy, I should be able to go through the stage with 6* maxed awakend skylanders and not even think about what I pick. Normal; I should have the odd level that I should have to work out the matchups, and hard is where I would need max 6* runes as well as perfect matchups. I have been stuck on 10-7 for days. ON EASY MODE!

    - I don’t know what the max player level is, but if I’m at 32 and been playing for only 2 weeks, I hope you have it set to at least 100. And where it really starts to slow down the scaling. The player level is just one “benchmark” if you will. And the game will feel start to feel stale if you hit a cap and that’s it.

    - Similar to the player level, I feel that the skylanders themselves have been capped to soon. 2 weeks and I already have max 6* awakened units? Add another 2 levels, and require the last level to need like 5,000 copies or something insane. Anything so that it still feels like you’re still going somewhere with the game. I have 4 skylanders now, where it actually makes me in a bad mood when I see their shards pop up in the wish stone summons since they are 100% useless to me now.

    - Allow the purchase of omni stones via gems or something on those lines. Even if it’s just a couple purchases allowed each week. There are certain skylanders that I can’t farm, and I don’t want to rely on RNG to get copies. And since I’m at a crazy obstacle for quest lines, I can’t progress fast enough to get omni stones through quests.

    - I hope that when global launch occurs you pack everyone into just a couple servers. NA/EU and Asia/Pacific. The game feels absolutely dead right now with it just being the 3 tiny countries and the few people who spoofed their location to play. I feel weird complaining, because the PVP arena is amazingly easy on a dead server and the rewards are great, but at the same time it feels like the game is lifeless. It doesn’t seem like there are even 2,000 people who play daily if you look at the arena ranks. At that rank, their skylanders are barely over level 40.

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    Thanks for the suggestions, capratest!