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    Hi, I am the creator of Skylanders: Final Resolution, which is a fanfiction, and hopefully a fangame, for Skylanders. I have played Ring of Heroes for quite some time, but I realized something. The Awakening is a ripoff of my creation, Final Resolution. Both involve the Skylanders gaining new forms, which I disliked. Awakening basically is Final Resolution, minus various parts. The whole form changing is my biggest concern. Final Resolution has existed since about 2014-2015, and has gained some popularity. I plan on making it a real thing in the future, but since Awakening has been created, I don't know what I can do. I cannot share Final Resolution anymore I guess, because I could get Copyrighted by Com2uS for stealing "their" idea, Awakening. Final Resolution has existed way more than Ring of Heroes' Awakening, it saddens me that my idea was stolen by a game that isn't even that fun anymore. My idea would've been very popular, and could become a real game. But Awakening stops that. I hope the developers of Ring of Heroes can do something about this, because I am frustrated that my idea was stolen.

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    You wouldn't be the first to allege their idea(s) were 'stolen' by an entity. Just curious, did you copyright any of your ideas like any good business person would do ? Also, Activision i believe own the publishing rights and created Skylanders.