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Dev notes: My problems

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  • Dev notes: My problems

    According to the developers note it says:
    "Soul Stone drops will be a guaranteed for each Skyland Adventure stage, but there will be a daily limit to the amount of Soul Stones that can be acquired.
    Also, the Skylander you will get from each Skyland stage will be renewed. Every Portal Master will have a chance to earn a certain amount of Soul Stones from Adventures!

    You better make that daily cap pretty dang high, at least 100, if not 200. I have spent well over $1000 in this game, and I play it for many hours a day. If you release a daily cap of anything less than this, then I will quit the game and you will lose my business. There are many others in my guild, and people that I've talked to in chat that are willing to sign a petition for this as well, so it's not just me.

    Unfortunately, the dev notes don't touch on the other thing that's a joke in this game: rune farming. I seriously have no idea why white and green runes still exist in the dungeons. You can get white and green runes from scenario, why in the heck should we get them from dungeons as well?! It really needs to be more like summoners war, where only blue runes and above drop in dungeons. Runes also need to sell for a LOT more gold. People are having to stop farming runes and farm scenario just because they run out of gold. Dungeons should be the MOST rewarding of gold in the game because of the high energy cost to get in!

    I have finished my venting for now. Please, Com2uS, don't destroy your game.


    After watching Tectone's video (, I feel like the shard cap might not be so bad, because you can farm multiple units in the same day, making it more energy efficient.
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    Thank you for the feedback!