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  • Monetization of this game

    This game has became WAY to much P2W..

    It has design to give out a lot of gems and monster to bring you into summoning and get the nat5 or even nat4 then slowly make you grind and refill with their extreme high price of refilling.

    Then they release a TONS of new pack for player to buy, even more pack to buy than event to actually grind or do.

    Talking about event, most of them is non-related to the gameplay itself but advertising for them via Social media.

    This has to stop and quick, player base is dropping, feel of reward has gone since long time ago. (Au/CA) Server

    Then there's concern about CA/AU server as they just release globally and focus on new player, what about the one who started since the go-live?
    You keep on releasing event and Pack(lol) focusing on new player.

    From the look of it, this is not a grinding game or gacha game.. just pay and get your souls pieces or die trying.
    This is clearly Activision design from the start and their reputation to get as much as income as possible. -

    What about the game? who care, get the money and get out!

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    Totally agree with this guy, when i join this game, was expecting a Summoner war 2.0, a game that you can play and grind and make your way to the end, even without nat5.

    At the start, it was good, then a meta has born, then they nerf the meta. So we wait for event which we think going to be around Sommuners war events are (Event then another one then another one to keep having stuff to do, with good reward). but instead we have one main event per month that you can do within 3 days and after that, they throw some facebook event with low reward, i made one once that gave me 10 small elexirs, you know, the black one?(LOL) and lately, in the ~3 last patch notes, the content was more about money pack then the game itself, digging more and more in players pocket's.

    Not even talking about the energy cost...

    My time in this game is getting lower and lower because of all of that. i mean, I barely play 45mins per day now,

    Hope they get better soon or ill go put my time and my money somewhere else.


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      Pack more expensive than other games such as your own SW games..
      Nerf lower star monster to give nat4~nat5 more viability.. but then again pay to upgrade them as lower tier mob will not be viable lol.

      Why everything is going back to having us to pay for these shards again!


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        So they are linstening the community, ill make it clear right there.

        What Ppl would like;

        -More event that help the progress. (bingo is something near that, keep on the good job)
        -Or the event give something good an/or you balance the evolution/awekening cost of pieces.
        -Help f2p an/or low budget players to keep playing the game ; balancing energy (energy cost per stage / refill) (i saw the energy reward for login, good job)
        -Do something about the gold income,
        -selling b7-9 runes gives sh1ty gold, you cant even budget one rune to +12 with the current energy gave in the runs.
        -upgrading monster evolution cost too much, we already have to farm "essence", why there is a massive gold cost?
        -copy/paste or something near the Summoner war rune management (where you can put some and see the stats before you lock them in)

        So yeah, thats about it. have a nice day!


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          Good stuff Lobleh..

          I want to add the below suggestion..

          >Allow vilain to level same as a mob so we can enjoy different type of vilain .. as we struggle with money, player will not be spending for vilain in my opinion

          >All leader skills should be maxed by default so we can use those Nat4/Nat5 even though they're not awaken .. so they can play a bigger part

          >Skillup gems are so rare, we should find a solution, maybe those extras souls stone can come handy? - Once skylander is maxed +5/Awaken/6* we can use extras as skill up's? Somewhere 100 pieces per skillup?

          >Game experience will tell more than twitter.. in my honest opinion, I have brought many player into the game by saying it IS really good game and kid friendly etc.. but recently seeing more and more p2w and they have been discouraged to continue playing.

          Event based on gameplay is much more fun and feels of reward is different than posting on social media or any type of "event" outside the game..
          More event in game will bring more challenge and conversation between peers which will begin another type of fun beside grinding and farming.

          Thanks for listening.. we enjoy the game, minus the social event and the expensive pack ;(