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[NOTICE] Public Notice: Addressing Community Concerns

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  • [NOTICE] Public Notice: Addressing Community Concerns

    We've heard your feedback and all of your concerns.

    We are aware of all of the issues that are currently cycling in Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes and aware of how they're affecting you, our community.

    Our teams are working towards fixes, however, they may take time as we'll have to do backend testing and we need to be sure that the changes will be properly balanced.

    It is extremely important for us to provide the best gaming experiences and we realize that it's difficult to experience that with the current issues.

    We are working closely with our community team and production team to make sure that all community feedback is gathered and taken into consideration while we address the issues at hand.

    Major changes are on the way! In order to meet the quality standards of our updates, our development teams won't be pushing out major changes overnight.

    Please keep in mind that they will be working diligently towards fixing content for future updates. We will work towards providing the best gaming experiences!

    - Skylanders™ Ring of Heroes Team

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    The changes to summoning may be a start, but at least today, there is no mention of gold fixes, tweaks to the AI, or anything else. Getting units means nothing if you don't have runes (or can't power them up), or awaken or evolve them because of the gold imbalances...c'mon guys.


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      Hello C2US,
      First I really appreciate the way you interact and take feedback from your community.

      Concerning the new update notes I love the idea of giving people the opportunity to change leftover soulstones into shards...thats a massive step referring the issue of getting shards for already finished skylanders.

      On the other hand I'm somehow sad about the idea of removing the stone drops from scenario...
      Talking for myself as I entered the game much later than other people its kind of hard for me getting pieces for skylanders like snapshot or blastzone which where farmable in the beginning but not anymore.
      Now there are some other awesome skylanders which are very relevant to get (like gearshift for w10 and some others).
      Its hard to grind soulstones and progressing labyrinth in a balanced ratio but what i want to figure out is that scenario is the best way to get shards for somehow relevant skylanders (especially boomer, kaboom, whamshell for newer players to catch up with the labyrinth teams)
      Now intending to remove those feels kind of taking newer players away one massive catch up mechanic...
      I know some people (especially those who finished all the mons) dont feel too bad about it because the stones there are not helping them that much anymore.
      However they could go ahead and extract shards from those couldn't they?

      Another point I was considering is how helpful it might be to increase the experience scenario gives because that will mean people will be able to level up their skylanders faster.
      Once they are leveled up they are not usable at all until they got some decent runes and power ups.
      So you decrease the time from getting a new skylander to the point it needs runes and power ups to shine.
      But getting good runes and getting them to +15 takes both the same amount of time and the same amount of gold...
      So I for myself (as well as many other players i guess) would appreciate more an increase to the amount of gold ppl get or decrease the amount of gold ppl need to level up runes (by increasing proc chances e.g.)
      So basically when you increase the rate of maxing out skylanders you should also increase the rate of having them ready to go (somehow).

      So basically its your game and your decision guys and I enjoy playing it anyways since I love how f2p friendly it is <3
      I just wanted to mention some issues or problems I see with the upcoming update for the sake of delivering feedback for you to have more opinions to think about while enhancing the user experience.
      Anyways really good mentality having users and developers stay in dialogue to figure out solutions together

      With that in mind I wish you an awesome weekend


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        we have heard your concerns??? seriously ??? where community of players asked to make it P2W games. you could farm (it would take long but still you could) most of monsters in the game now you have to pay for them. you completely destroyed adventures and made it dead. Now old players have no reason to play half of the content, and new players will have way more issues to get to the other half of the content (unless they will pay). You killed guild events (invasion) there is no point to do it anymore. So I would like to ask which concerns that you heard led you to believe that this update will improve anything??? You just made it worse . GREAT f***** JOB


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          I am in agreement with the bad changes, you obviously didn't listen , this is not even *close* to being fun anymore...
          if I wanted to play sin alice, I would have, but I liked this game, now I logged in, saw all the horrible changes, the inability to farm for skylanders you want, getting extreme dungeons nerfed, giving us new summons? wow...they suck, thanks for the extr 400 shards of fling kongs and crappy greens that anyone that's been playing for some time already has a ton of, and the alchemy shop? yeah that's kinda useless too.

          I don't usually rage, but this update was absolute crap.

          yes I mean *absolute garbage!!*
          no wonder half your youtubers like spamandrice and tectone bailed..
          you just proved that you guys have like no idea what you did to this once really enjoyable game.

          I wont be playing this anymore thanks. and this is coming from someone who *never* played a mobile game until this one, so you started off good, but now its obvious , this is a dead game for anyone that put in the time to play since launch.


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            Whoever the person is you listened to as well as the person who listened to them to result in this update should both be immediately fired and removed from the building. I really hope this game survives through this, but by the looks of it, it won't.


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              Hey, good job... This may be the worst update I have ever seen on a game, so you increase de cost of wish stone chests to earn a bit of useless soul stones, eliminate any possibility of getting soul stones from the adventures stages (I wont't even mention the skylanders you left to get some stones on oh my god!! every difficulty!! And reduced the number of entries to 1 on stage seven, to prevent we want to farm a lot of garbage...) in addition you completely nerf the soul stone dungeon, now you have to win 5 times and spend 40 of energy to get a ticket to have the possibility of win some usefull stones (if you are lucky what is not usual) im sure it will boost tons of new players to start playing and want to continue doing it. So now what it supposse to be the way to make your skylanders stronger? (Without using a VISA I mean) if you just want to earn more money maibe you sould have lowered the prices of the ability improving stones packs, or packs in general, I'm not so sure if anyone purchase any, ever.

              I get the reward to be one of the first players, and now I was tempted to unistall twice in less than two days. I hope you get back or modify something af all of this mess or you will see the fastest die of a game after an update.



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                Saying big changes are coming mean positively nothing if you dont tell us what your changing in advance. I run a top guild and we have done well through all of this mess but all i see for other guilds is looking for players but getting nowhere. I am not sure how much longer those of us that accepted the changes will continue to do so without fixing guild wars. Im disgustingly tired of seeing the same half filled guilds in wars and forcing guild members not to attack so each member can get a shot for 10 medals a week. Its very obvious defended medals should count for more or guilds need penalized for not maintaining30 members. If you dont fix this guilds will reduce to 10 members. Might sound good, more guilds, but players will chat for less and be tied to their guilds even less. Aka your going to cause a lot more quits over something obviously broken and needing publicly addressed. I started summoners war so know all about the growing pains to get to a good game but all i ever see is flowery speeches of how much you listen to the player base... But dont dont actually say what it is your talking about changing... We need specifics, not generally generic comments to appease masses without doing anything. Dont be politicians, be real people that actually do understand that this is a symbiotic relationship and we need each other.